With a capitalization of $1 trillion, Bitcoin threatens Meta

With a capitalization of $1 trillion, Bitcoin threatens Meta

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– Bitcoin regains a capitalization of 1 trillion dollars.

There are few assets that can boast a capitalization of $1,000 billion: gold of course with a capitalization of $14,000 billion, silver with $1,200 billion and some of the largest companies in the world, such as Microsoft ($3,000 billion), Apple ($2,857 billion). ), Saudi Aramco ($2,062 billion) or Alphabet, parent company of Google ($1,800 billion). Since Wednesday February 14th it is now necessary to record this Bitcoin in the top 10 of world capitalizations since the $51,000 mark, the first cryptocurrency regains a weight it hasn’t seen since December 2021. And at the same time, Berkshire Hathaway, the fund of Warren Buffetthistorically very critical of… Bitcoin.

In a strong upward momentum, digital assets have increased by 133% in one year and own an entire market in itself: that of cryptocurrencies is approaching the capitalization of 2,000 billion dollars (1,930 billion on February 14) and companies listed on the stock exchange closely exposed to these activities are doing very well, as is the broker Coin base (whose shares trade at $150, up 91% in one year), from the asset manager Coin shares (an increase of 49% over a year with shares at 4.24 euros) or miners such as Marathon Digital (+337%) and Riot Blockchain (+187%).

The introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) in the United States, which have been particularly popular since their launch a month ago, contributes much to the increasingly favorable context for Bitcoin. In his report daily on the flows in and out of ETFs, the Farside fund indicates that on average more than $500 million worth of bitcoins have been purchased per day over the past week. Moreover, in four months, the issuance of new tokens will automatically be halved by the halve – a mechanism provided by its creator in the Bitcoin code -, which raises speculation about a possible shortage of bitcoins on the market.

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