Xbox uses AI to advertise indie games: gamers see red

Xbox has courted controversy by using AI to generate images to promote indie games. Players have criticized this method, which can copy artists’ work without their permission and produce poor or erroneous images.

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Xbox has been accused of using AI to promote indie games on social media. This approach is not only ironic, but also controversial, because artists’ work can be copied without their permission and poor or erroneous images can be created.

On December 27, the ID@Xbox account posted a tweet asking fans about their favorite indie games of 2023. The tweet was accompanied by an image showing showed children sledding in the snow with the words “XBOX ID”, here it is.

As you can see, the image is not very realisticand includes strange details, such as children with mustaches, oddly shaped objects, or even a man with his lips glued to his teeth. This may have angered some, convinced that the image was created with an AI. Faced with the controversy, Xbox deleted the tweet.

You have to see it a possible irony in the fact that Microsoft, a technology company, uses artificial intelligence to promote independent games, which are often associated with a more artisanal and creative approach.

Despite the (very) negative feedback on X, remember that Microsoft sees AI as a lever for transformation and value for its business, but also for society and the environment. The company extensively uses AI to improve its products and services, such as Bing, Office, Copilot, etc. It also invested $10 billion in OpenAI, which develops ChatGPT.

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