Young couple: should we apply the three-month rule when starting a relationship?  |  TF1 INFO

Young couple: should we apply the three-month rule when starting a relationship? | TF1 INFO

Relationship experts agree that it takes at least three months to know if a couple has a future.
These first months are compared to a trial period.
However, this rule should not be applied literally.

Before an employee enters into a long-term contract, he usually has one or more months to familiarize himself with his new working environment. In a relationship, the three-month rule is the trial period before you fully commit to a relationship or choose to end it. According to some romantic relationship experts, this duration would give you enough time to observe your partner’s qualities and faults, as well as spend enough time together to project yourself or not.

What is the three-month rule actually for?

The three-month rule allows young lovebirds to get a general idea of ​​each other’s personalities. During this time, certain situations can cause them to exhibit different character traits that they could have kept hidden at the beginning of the relationship, allowing only the best to come out. Whether it’s jealousy, possessiveness or even impulsiveness… These are mistakes that we often try to hide when we seduce someone. The more time we spend together during these three months, the easier it is to recognize the worrying signs. It is of course advisable to vary the activities and outings to discover how the other person behaves. This period is also an opportunity to set your boundaries, work on your communication, and identify what is not appropriate.

The three-month rule should not be taken lightly

If the three-month rule allows you to get to know your partner better before making big decisions, it’s because the beginning of a relationship is sometimes an illusion. It’s easy to get carried away by rising feelings and imagine that everything is perfect.

However, be careful: this rule should not be applied literally either. If after a few weeks you notice certain toxic qualities in your partner, there is no point in continuing the relationship to reach the end of “the test.” Likewise, after three months it is not recommended to rush. If all goes well with your significant other, this is the chance to continue the adventure and explore further.

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