10 days without a screen: a challenge fulfilled for the students of the Louis Pergaud school in Pontarlier – France Bleu

It all started with a book. “10 days without a screen” by Sophie Rigal-Goulard. It's the story of a teacher who sets a challenge to her students: spend 10 full days without using their smartphones, tablets, televisions or even game consoles. At the end of the first chapter, the CM2 students at Louis Pergaud School in Pontarlier said to themselves “why not us?”. So Maïté Marguet, their teacher, Christelle Juillet, the school director, as well as all the educational staff started an experiment.

Difficult beginnings

In this class of 28 students, 19 of them have smartphones at home. The vast majority spend time in front of the television, watching videos on YouTube or playing games on the console. So when the children found out that they would really have to spend ten days without a screen, some of them felt defeated.

“When I heard that we were really going to have to do the challenge, I made a weird face,” says Sammy, 10 years old. And for him, the beginnings of the experience were particularly complicated: “I went crazy on the first day!”

Like Sammy, others didn't believe in it and didn't feel capable of it. But during the experience and with the support of their teachers and families, the children rediscovered life without screens. “I went out a lot and had a lot of fun playing board games,” says Enzo.

“We wanted them to be aware of the time they spend in front of screens”

“We wanted them to become aware of the time they spend in front of the screen. We wanted them to distinguish useful screens from leisure screens,” explains Christelle Juillet, the school's director. “Some had a lot of screen time,” she adds.

Not everyone succeeded in the challenge 100%. Among them, Mahon: “I didn't want it at all. I watch TV all the time. I often fell for it. You can do without video games, but TV is too heavy,” says Mahon frankly. However, the boy explains that during the 10 days of the experiment, he spent more time with his friends.

“In most cases, they reduced the time in front of the screen at home, and we also tried to turn off the video projectors in the classroom,” adds the director. And the children know very well what this experience has brought them. “I realized that we see more life, that we pay more attention to things and that we will play more outside. The first day is difficult. But after that, it goes by itself,” confirms Sammy.

“I thought it would be difficult, but every morning I told myself that I was proud of my class because it was good that we managed to last 10 days without a screen,” confides Mame-Diarra, 11 years old, delighted. progress made.

The challenge is therefore met for CM2, full of life, by Louis Pergaud. Enough to make Maïté, their teacher, smile: “I am very proud of my students and they can be proud of themselves.”

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