'Aging better' in a nursing home with your pet: 'Without me he would let himself die.  And I think I do too”

‘Aging better’ in a nursing home with your pet: ‘Without me he would let himself die. And I think I do too”

Only caring for a poodle at the age of 90 that will soon turn 17 and is no longer in good condition, “It’s not always funHuguette grunts. Yesterday I had to go to SPAR because we ran out of chicken and I know that in these cases he refuses to eat his food. Going down is fine, but going up… Despite his quirks that do not make his life easy, the little companion Charlie still occupies an important place in Huguette’s life. Especially since her husband, Pierre, left them both six years ago.

“Charlie is my confidante, my supportshe added. When I’m bad, he looks at me and insists. So I often have to get up and play with him because I don’t want him to catch the bumblebee too. Sometimes it’s funny, I think he feels so many things. I tell myself he can’t just be a dog, that’s not possible. »

Huguette’s children do not live next door. But moving to a retirement home is not an option. ‘And that we have to divorce Charlie?Huguette exclaims. It’s unbelievable. Without me he would let himself die. And I think I do too. »

The text still needs to be discussed

For Huguette, just like for other seniors, a new right may be granted from the spring of 2024: that of taking your pet with you when you enter accommodation for dependent elderly people (Ehpad). Fadila Khattabi, Minister Delegate for the Elderly and People with Disabilities, promised this on Friday 1uh March, announcement immediately confirmed by the Minister of Labour, Health and Solidarity, Catherine Vautrin, on her X account.

Following the amendment of Deputy Philippe Juvin (Hauts-de-Seine, Les Républicains), the text integrated into the draft law on “aging well” should be discussed on March 12 in the Joint Joint Committee (CMP) at the National Meeting. The delegated minister specified that this rule could be imposed on all institutions, both public and private.

Although pets are generally accepted in care homes and independent living facilities, this remains rarer in nursing homes. The ABCD group, based in Val-de-Marne, is one of the exceptions. Resident animals are allowed in the four locations. for a long time, simply because it is the application of a citizen’s right”said director Pascal Champvert, also chairman of the Association of Directors serving the Elderly.

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