Aude: Isabelle Castro, the perseverance of a female business leader

Aude: Isabelle Castro, the perseverance of a female business leader

The young Palmiste heads the company Vin4 Heures Tour, which offers the exploration of wine-growing landscapes on board 2 CVs.

Certain. If there was an adjective that fit Isabelle Castro’s profile, it’s this. The dynamic young woman is originally from the Paris region and has been part of the palm landscape for years. “Thanks to my meeting with Bruno, who would become my partner, I came to live in La Palme in 2012, falling in love with this coastal village,” she confides. In 2013, the bubbly Isabelle embarked on a professional transition by specializing in wine tourism. She thus created her company “Vin4 Heures Tour” to offer the exploration of wine-growing landscapes on board 2 CVs during guided tours. To complement her skills, the businesswoman became a trainer in communication, project management and management at the Purple Campus in Narbonne (formerly CCI Sud Formation).

“I’m not the waiting type.”

Completely fulfilled, Isabelle Castro underlines, everyone smiles: “My goal? To convey not only sound knowledge to the students, but also a passion for learning and professional development. You must know how to seize the opportunities that arise. I am not the waiting type.” She is tenacious and never gave up when her business first started, despite the obstacles in front of her. “This unusual idea was not always taken seriously when I had to defend it to funders and specifiers. But I was also supported by people (particularly from the CCI of Narbonne) who believed in my project and motivated me to carry it out.

Isabelle Castro admires men or women who, despite obstacles in personal and professional life, maintain their determination: “It is resilience that gives me unwavering energy and reminds me that true greatness lies in strength of character and perseverance”.

“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone”

Nevertheless, her position as an enterprising woman could have made her uncomfortable, but her fighting spirit never wavered: “During a presentation of my project before twenty investors, I had to face prejudices and demonstrate the relevance of my objective to a demanding and sometimes mocking audience “. More and more women are embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, breaking stereotypes and contributing significantly to the economy. But there are still challenges to overcome, such as access to finance. In conclusion, Isabelle launches this message to all young women full of courage and dreams: “You must believe in your abilities, cultivate self-confidence and dare to take initiatives. Don’t be afraid to get out of the way. comfort zone, because that is often where the greatest opportunities lie. Perseverance is the key to success. Be proud of your achievements and never be afraid to dream big.”

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