Bram.  The 6th edition of the student week ended on Friday

Bram. The 6th edition of the student week ended on Friday

High School Students Week returns each year as the time approaches for determining third-year student orientation. It ended on Friday with a forum.

The Youth Information Structure (SIJ) of the municipality of Piège Lauragais Malepère (CCPLM), in close collaboration with the intercommunal media library and the management of the Saint-Exupéry college, organized the 6th edition of the “College Students’ Week”. First of all, it was the sixth grade students who had time to share with speakers from SMICTOM and Acti City. The next day, psychologist Vanessa Roblette and the CIDFF (Information Center for the Rights of Women and Families) addressed the fifth grade classes.

About fifty professionals are listening

As with previous editions, the highlight was the day before yesterday Friday in the Ideale space, where about thirty stands were manned by an equal number of representatives from associations, boards, secondary schools, the army and employers. “32 stands where the themes of orientation, international mobility, health prevention and citizenship are represented. About fifty professionals listen and answer the questions of almost 300 students from the 3rd and 4th grades, looking for information for their orientation,” explains Majorie Teale, facilitator of the SIJ, who welcomes us.

At a first stop we met Maélia, Liana and Gaël, three final year students of the Rouatière center, the agricultural high school and social work training center of Souilhanels, present with a member of the management of the establishment at the high school stand: “We explain our journey to young students,” they told us. “At the end of this school year I will leave the establishment to join the army,” Gaël confided.

Maélia and Liana confirm their choices during orientation in the 3rd year, after the baccalaureate they will continue training to work in the social sector. Further on, it is Emma, ​​​​a student of the third class of the Saint-Exupéry college: “I have seen several professionals. Next year I hope to enter the Germaine-Tillion secondary school, and later I plan to get a job to join the police or the gendarmerie, I have been at their stand for a long time and I really enjoy it.”

At the end of the morning, the elected representatives of the CCPLM, the Mayor of Bram and the Director of the College, Mr. Bousquet, went to the forum to meet the exhibitors and organizers, thanking them for their involvement in attending the meeting. young people.

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