Castelnaudary. Rugby: the elite of UNSS cadets in the running for a championship title

Castelnaudary hosts the French UNSS rugby sevens championships, with sixteen teams participating. Final this afternoon at 2 p.m. De-Coubertin.

Organizing the French Rugby Sevens Championships, after experiencing the privilege of hosting a UNSS Triathlon World Championship, has been a great source of pride and even a tradition from now on for Philippe Greffier, first deputy mayor in charge of sport . “Moreover, in this Olympic year where we have great hopes for the French team with Antoine Dupont and where Castelnaudary will welcome the passing of the flame on May 16.” For Benoit Quief, master of ceremonies, who has worked tirelessly, it is also a great joy. Especially because the sporting spirit, the rugby spirit is there and the matches run as smoothly as possible with beautiful weather that we had not even dared to hope for. Benoît, well surrounded and supported by his fellow physical education teachers and the technical advisors of the departments, whom he thanks in the same way as the City, the department and the region for their valuable help! The young people present on the Giraille grounds – there are 16 teams and 300 players – are also omnipresent in the organization of the event. Young referees who continue to train, young reporters and young first aiders from the college Les Fontanilles, young people who strengthen the organization of the Blaise d’Auriol college.

As soon as the young athletes arrived, the Section Committee of the French Rugby Federation of Aude, led by President Alain Palausse, gave a ball to each team plus four for the matches.

Yesterday the meetings went well with close results, especially between Bayonne and Saint-Cyr or even Narbonne and Toulon. “The start of tomorrow’s final?” asks B. Quief.

But outside the sporting events and despite the very tight timing, these young people from all corners of France will have been able to taste a local meal at the university Les Fontanilles, a divine dish that is the pride of Castelnaudary, the world capital of cassoulet. They were also able to visit the Danjou district and the 4th Foreign Regiment and, for those who wanted, take a look at the Ibis Style rugby museum by Guy Spanghero. In short, enough to “make them come back with family, with friends”, hopes Philippe Greffier, who does not forget to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the event.

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