Les inscriptions en classe CHAM, c’est dès à présent pour les élèves de CM2 !

CHAM class registrations are now available for CM2 students! – Maisons-Alfort

The Jules Ferry school is one of ten institutions offering a flexible music hours class – or CHAM – in Val-de-Marne and to which the city contributes financially. An opportunity for any student with a taste for music and singing to develop his passion in an environment adapted to his education, while participating in a collective adventure that develops openness, rigor and camaraderie.

The CHAM lesson in a few words

This system allows the student to integrate an enhanced artistic practice into his general education, in circumstances adapted to his training. In Maisons-Alfort, the Jules Ferry school offers music lessons with flexible lesson times, mainly vocal. “ It is a commitment that students make from the moment they enter 6eto 3e », explains Fanny Magnier, CHAM professor at the Jules Ferry college.

Who is this device intended for?

To every Maisonnais student in the CM2 class who will soon be going to university. “ You don’t have to be able to play an instrument or be a great singer, the teacher smiles. Only motivation and interest count and admit students who want to register. » « In addition, research in neuroscience makes it possible to prove the benefits of music in learning at school. », agrees Sylvie Divin, educational advisor on music education within National Education.

How to register?

When you enroll your child in group 6 at secondary schoole, you can give up your desire to participate in a CHAM class. You can request the specific application file directly from the management of your child’s school or download it via dsden94.ac-creteil.fr. The school management is then responsible for passing it on to the Jules Ferry college. no later than March 29, 2024. To note that ” Circular 2024 stipulates that students who are not dependent on the Jules Ferry college can apply for an exemption for registration in CHAM », Sylvie Divin remembers.

How do the lessons take place?

CHAM translates into 3 additional hours of artistic instruction per week. In addition to the courses based on progressive voice learning and musical discovery, taught by Fanny Magnier at the Jules Ferry college, the students attend the conservatory every 15 days. There they receive lessons in music training, percussion, theater and contemporary music. “ By participating in this free system, they gain access to lessons at the conservatory during school hours. », Sylvie Divin continues. Then at the end of the year the forty Year 6 studentse At 3 o’clocke from CHAM performs on stage. “ Last year the 6e and the 5e even had the opportunity to perform at the Philharmonie de Paris, an unforgettable experience for them », says Fanny Magnier.

The wealth of a device

During these four years of learning, the college also organizes educational and cultural trips to the Claude Debussy Theater for volunteer students. On May 4, the students will meet Rhoda Scoot who will perform on the stage of the Debussy Theater. “ The students’ experience is an incredible cultural enrichment, rejoices Fanny Magnier. What characterizes them above all are the shows in which they can show the evolution of their work, sometimes with revelations! » « The CHAM system offers them an opening for art and culture », concludes Sylvie Divin. But also an openness, conscientiousness and a spirit of camaraderie, which will serve them throughout their school years.

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