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ChatGPT can now read its answers out loud

ChatGPT just added a new practical feature. OpenAI’s conversation agent can now verbally recite the answers to your questions. The option is available on the mobile application, but also on the web version.

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ChatGPT finally came to its senses after going crazy a few days ago. The chatbot is guilty of generating meaningless sentences and again provides understandable answers. And the chatbot can now recite them verbally! Through a post on X, OpenAI announced the arrival of a new practical feature: reading out answers.

This option allows you to instruct the chatbot to verbally read the generated text. However, this is not an outright novelty. Since last September it has been possible to chat naturally with ChatGPT on the mobile application thanks to the Whisper voice recognition system. Initially reserved for paying users, voice chat even became free for all users in November.

The new functionality that OpenAI uses therefore complements the existing system. At your request, only the responses can be read, the questions must always be answered in writing by you. Unlike voice chat, this new option is not limited to mobile applications. Comment reading is also starting to become available on the web version of the ChatGPT conversation agent.

Here’s how to use it in the iOS application and the Generative AI Android application:

  • Open ChatGPT on your smartphone.
  • Start a conversation and enter the prompt of your choice.
  • When the chatbot has completed its response, hold your finger on it.
  • Select read out loud in the menu that appears.
  • Then a reader appears at the top of the application, a synthetic voice that reads out the answer.
  • You can pause for 10 seconds, fast forward or rewind, and even set up automatic voice transcription for future messages.

On the web client the procedure is more or less identical. Simply click on the speaker that appears below a comment and ChatGPT will read it out loud. However, keep in mind that OpenAI is rolling out the option gradually, so don’t be surprised if you can’t access it right away.

  • ChatGPT has been enriched with a new functionality.
  • The chatbot can now read out the responses it generates.
  • The option is available on the mobile application but also on the web client.

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