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Copilot: The GPT-4 Turbo version is now free for all users

Copilot now integrates GPT-4 Turbo for free to all users, instead of GPT-4. The latest version of OpenAI’s major language model brings the ability to write much longer prompts in Microsoft’s chatbot.

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Pending the release of GPT-5, promised by Sam Altman as ultra-efficient, Microsoft is improving Copilot (formerly Bing). The AI-powered virtual assistant now includes GPT-4 Turbo, as announced. Until now the chatbot used simple GPT-4. The latest version of OpenAI’s major language model promises a nice improvement, still without you having to pay anything to use Copilot.

Part of Copilot Pro is now free thanks to GPT-4 Turbo

Previously, access to GPT-4 Turbo was paid: you had to pay Microsoft 20 euros per month to obtain Copilot Pro. This subscription loses one of its raison d’etres, as the Redmond company announced yesterday in a publication on X (Twitter). Mikhail Parakhin, head of advertising and web services at Microsoft, said that GPT-4 Pro was available for free to all users: “after some work

The Microsoft framework makes it clear that those who prefer to use GPT-4 in Copilot can always choose the older version. A toggle button should appear for this. However, it’s hard to see why Copilot users would prefer GPT-4 over the Turbo version.

What are the advantages of GPT-4 Turbo compared to GPT-4?

GPT-4 Turbo integration allows Copilot users to perform complex tasks that would have undermined the previous version of the assistant. Indeed, GPT-4 only allows you to store 50 pages of text in one fast, while GPT-4 Turbo accepts a maximum of 300 pages. This allows for more relevant answers with more specific and detailed clues.

If the Copilot Pro subscription loses any of its benefits with GPT-4 Turbo, a new feature makes up for it: Copilot GPT builder. This tool allows users to create a personalized chatbot, which can specialize in a more specific area. It can then be shared with anyone for free. No programming skills are required for this position: Could Nvidia’s CEO be right when he says AI will put all programmers out of work?

Copilot quickly becomes much more interesting ChatGPT. Indeed, the free version of the official OpenAI chatbot still runs under GPT-3.5 and Sam Altman’s company offers a 20 euro subscription to obtain GPT-4. Meanwhile, partner Microsoft, now the most publicly traded company before Apple, can afford to make GPT-4 Turbo free for everyone.

  • A Microsoft executive announced yesterday on X that Copilot now integrates GPT-4 Turbo for all users.
  • Copilot Pro subscribers lose a benefit, but in return they are entitled to Copilot GPT Builder.
  • With these features, Microsoft’s virtual assistant is quickly becoming more interesting to the general public than ChatGPT.

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