Course up: 3 important points to check before the end of the wishes phase this Wednesday evening

As every year since 2018, French high school students prepare for their post-baccalaureate orientation on a platform that has become essential: Parcoursup. Since the wishes phase ends next Wednesday, April 3, here are 3 points to complete your file as best as possible.

The end of a long journey. And certainly a relief for all Terminale students. Next Wednesday, April 3 at midnight, they will no longer be able to change their Parcoursup profile. After several months of selecting the desired courses, they now have to refine their file.

\ud83d\uddd3\ufe0f Calendar reminder #Parcoursup.

\u2705By Thursday, March 14, 11:59 PM Paris time, you must have made your wishes known, that’s all.

\ud83d\udcdd To complete your application (cover letters, bulletins, application fees, etc.) and confirm your wishes: you have until April 3.

— Parcoursup (@parcoursup_info) March 12, 2024

The motivation letter

It is one of the most effective ways to stand out. According to Jérôme Teillard, project manager of Parcoursup, it is asked in more than “70% of training courses”, quoted by CNews. It consists of between 1,500 and 4,500 characters and allows the candidate to illustrate his interest in the course and describe in detail the relevance of his profile. The student must use it to give meaning to their academic and extracurricular journey.

Activities and interests

In this section we find 4 categories: “my civic sense”, “my professional experience”, “my management or leadership experiences” and “openness to the world”. This last space is intended to describe its sporting or cultural practices. This is therefore the place to clarify a particular sensitivity to a particular culture or language, the practice of a sport at a high level, an associative commitment….

We should also not hesitate to highlight the diplomas that we could have obtained outside of school hours (Bafa, PCS1 first aid certificate). Internships that are carried out from a personal approach are also a very good point to highlight. We must use all these resources to the best of our ability to express our uniqueness. In 2023, 917,000 candidates competed on Parcoursup, so standing out is important.

Confirm your wishes

This seems obvious, but we must not forget to validate every wish. If it is no longer possible to add ‘classic’ wishes since March 14, you can still apply for an apprenticeship training. It is also still possible to adjust or delete one of your 20 sub-wishes. You can therefore adapt your campus choice or options to these specific wishes. Also do not forget to attach any additional documents required for certain courses (self-assessment tests, CV, etc.). Just as it is necessary to pay an application or competition fee if you have applied for one of the training courses (often the most selective) that includes these courses.

Once all these steps have been completed, candidates can wait more calmly for the responses from the training courses that will start from May 30.

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