Didier Deschamps: “Inclusion of sports in education is important”

Children who complete motor skills courses, others who ride bicycles, others who have a ball in their feet. In order to promote the practice of sports in schools, the Minister of National Education Nicole Belloubet visited the Jean-Macé school in Nice this Friday, accompanied by the mayor of the city Christian Estrosi, skiers Matthieu Bailet and Didier Deschamps and his deputy Guy Stéphane. After a tour of the facility, the Blues' coach referred to the need to play sports at all ages.

“National Education recommends practicing 30 minutes of sports activity a day. How far have you come?
I work more than 30 minutes, unless I'm traveling. This is a recommendation for adults, but especially for children, to get used to it. This sporting activity is important for their well-being. Regardless of the activity. It allows us to gather and rest on a psychological level. In the conversation with the teachers, they state that they feel that there are moments in the day when tension can increase, when there is no longer concentration, when listening is not good. Playing sports at this time reduces the pressure for a better restart. Not necessarily 30 minutes, it could be 10 minutes a few times. Everything related to motor skills is important in school, especially at a younger age, when it develops very quickly. The inclusion of sports in education is important.

“The school has a fundamental role. (…) Not everyone outside of school has access to infrastructure”

Sports can also ease tensions among schoolchildren…
Also. And it allows you to learn the values ​​of sharing, respect and authority. Being together at an activity takes a lot of nerves out of you. Everything that is fun brings a little lightness and goes in the direction of well-being and a good life together.

Parents also have a role to play in this…
Yes, but it depends on their capabilities. The school has a fundamental role. The possibility of including a part of “sports activity” in your schedule is very good, because not everyone has the opportunity to have access to infrastructure outside of school.

When we become adults, we can forget this need to play sports. After your football career, was there a time when you stopped playing sports?
Never, it's not possible for me: my body and my mind are too used to sports activities. They need this. Sometimes a bit excessive. But you don't necessarily need high-intensity activities. It can be yoga, stretching, movements. Even if it's just walking. Apart from the motor aspect, on a psychological level, playing sports obviously has a very positive impact. »

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