Ecatalens. MFR Sud Agromat looks to the future

Ways to boost finances and Erasmus stays for student well-being.

The Family and Rural House (MFR) Sud Agromat-CFA Campus alternance held its general meeting this Thursday in the presence of members of the board of directors, professors, Marie-José Terrassier, president of the territorial federation (31, 32, 82 ) of the MFR, with director Emmanuel Sorin, representatives of the region’s mayors, a representative of Crédit Agricole and students who wanted to see how a general meeting works.

Chairman Vincent Crubilé welcomed all participants by thanking them for their presence.

For once, it was the financial report that was presented first by the treasurer, Jean-Claude Boutines. The balance sheet for the 2023 financial year was valued by Cerfrance and certified by the company auditor Jérémie Saignes. The result was better than what was forecast in the estimated budget, even though it shows a small deficit.

The non-transfer of the buildings in Val de Garonne forced the MFR to take out a loan from Crédit Agricole (CANMP). In effect, a buyer signed two signatures, but without finalizing the sale. This is a significant amount that would greatly help the MFR’s finances. During the board meeting of January 19, 2023, the board of directors, on the advice of lawyers, endorsed the judicial summons route by being forced to restructure the debt with CANMP.

In the moral report, director Christophe Chebance reported on all decisions taken during the four board meetings of the year, including the buildings of Val de Garonne. We can note, among other things, the validation of the staff training plan, that of the strengthening of the team in view of the opening of the BTS TSMA and its prizes, the figures for the 2023 school year with 143 students, including 4 BTS.

Finally, it should be noted the decision of the CA to initiate the resumption of Erasmus mobility, destination Portugal, for approximately twenty students in June. President Vincent Crubilé emphasized the fact that these ‘journeys’ allowed young people to have a different approach to professions, a different cultural opening.

To stimulate finances, various options are possible: increasing the number of students, opening up secondary education a little more and supporting the rental of rooms at weekends or during holidays for meetings, seminars, etc.

At the end of the statutory meeting, participants discussed the themes of living together and striving for success and the resumption of Erasmus professional mobility.

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