Education. “We will not solve the problem by degrading teacher training!”

The government is desperate for a “shock of attraction”. Emmanuel Macron announced on Friday, April 5, 2024, the implementation of the reform of the training of primary school teachers, which was already widely discussed more than a year ago.

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“From the next school year, we will open licenses for the preparation of classes at school,” said the President of the Republic. Competitions for the admission of teachers are currently conducted in the second year of the master’s degree, five years after obtaining the diploma.

Permanent shift

According to him, the goal is twofold: to increase the quality of education, but also to strengthen the attractiveness of this profession in order to respond to the employment crisis.

We do not expect employment levels to deteriorate. It is urgent to make the profession more attractive, and that includes something else. Conditions for work must exist. Every year, teachers take to the streets to ask for funds. On the one hand, we want to encourage young people to enter the profession, and on the other, they hear about layoffs because the working conditions are degraded…

Martine Quesnel FSU de la Manche

A new government announcement, which comes after many others. The executive branch is groping, to say the least. He undoes what he set up a few months ago, updates what was reformed a few years ago. Without having ever, until now, met the expectations of the profession and the union that represents it.

At the same time, the government is trying to cut public spending, while the Manche department is already facing 23 job cuts and the closure of 37 classes for the next school year.

In this context, because we are shortening the application deadline for the competition, it will not attract candidates. It’s been like that for years. Announcements are made improvisationally. No vision.

Trade unionist

From announcement to implementation, sometimes there is a world

Introduced at the beginning of the 2023 school year, the teaching pact was not well received, especially in the department. Emmanuel Macron, however, at the end of the week announced new funds for these bonuses, instead of changing the exchange rate on salaries.

We are really in the logic Work more to earn more. We are already completely saturated with a series of complementary missions, year after year. On the other hand, the index scale did not change, except at the very beginning of their career. From a career perspective, there isn’t much development. And those who have fifteen years of experience are on the same income as those who are at the beginning of their career.

Florence Desram├ęSud Education de la Manche

In the profession, Blanquer’s years were marked by a before and after, reinforcing the sense that the teacher had become silent.


On the sidelines of the rally against the “conflict of knowledge” and the establishment of level groups, the inter-union included the example of the second preparatory class, “out of the hat” of Gabriel Attal, according to their expression.

Even Dasen was not able to explain to us on Friday how it works due to the lack of texts published to date. Another improvisation that makes teachers look like puppets, unable to answer the legitimate questions of families and students.

Manche Inter-Union

The episode that follows the installation of the “1 young person, 1 solution” platform, which should offer internships to second-year students who have to do a two-week internship at the end of June. Two months before the deadline, 90 internship offers are available in the Nord-Cotentin. The equivalent of three classes… when it would take five times more to meet the needs.

In the fall of 2023, the Ministry postponed the completion of registration for the teacher’s position by one month, admitting that “there is not a sufficient number of registered candidates”. A few weeks earlier, at the beginning of the September school year, more than 3,000 jobs remained vacant.

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