Fifteen days to strengthen French-German friendship in Tarn

Fifteen days to strengthen French-German friendship in Tarn

The French-German half will be held from March 21 to April 4. Four events are planned to highlight the friendship between these two countries. On the programme: a baroque music concert, an economic meeting or even a German-style lunch.

Seven years after its launch, the French-German fortnight continues to offer an ambitious program across Occitania. A series of events will be organized in Tarn from March 21 to April 4 to strengthen ties between France and Germany. These two weeks are interrupted by cultural and festive events, completely free, throughout the department. These events are organized by the German Embassy in France, the Occitanie Region, the Groupe Dépêche Foundation and the Germany-Occitanie: Heart of Europe association, with the local assistance of the Tarn Department Council.

Operation “Down the Walls”

For this 2024 edition, the spotlight will be on the fall of the Berlin Wall, the 35th anniversary. Several symbolic ‘walls’ will be destroyed by the youth of the department. On Wednesday, March 20, young department advisors will meet in Albi to talk to a history teacher about this event and French-German friendship. There is also a fragment of the real wall in the department hotel, but it is indeed a reproduction that will be destroyed at the end of the meeting.

Two days later it is the turn of students from Castres, Cordes-sur-Ciel and Mazamet to try to demolish as part of this operation called “Bas les Murs”. After this effort they will have the pleasure of discovering German gastronomy. The collective catering establishments involved have put together a special Germany menu for lunch.

But the activities of these two weeks are not limited to the young people of the department. For example, you can attend a baroque concert in Carmaux for free. A repertoire composed of Lully, Bach or Charpentier. Students and teachers from the Tarn Music Conservatory will perform them on Sunday, March 24, in the Sainte-Cécile Church.

The purpose of these fourteen days is to celebrate but also strengthen existing friendship. This requires better information about opportunities for cooperation with our neighbors across the Rhine. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing a meeting for business leaders from Tarn with Aurélie Devillard, representative in France of the French-German Chamber of Commerce of Saarbrücken, to discuss the possibilities for establishment in Germany.

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