Financial emancipation: the key to financial education and personal well-being

A week-long event on financial education

The week of financial education was held from March 18 to 24, 2024. On this occasion, the Government, in cooperation with the Banque de France, presented the Educfi passport. It consists of two hours of training followed by a test. During this module, students of the 4th grade, SEGPA, as well as preparatory students of the 3rd year, got acquainted with:

  • Budget management.
  • Prevention of over-indebtedness.
  • Cost planning and savings.
  • Protection against financial fraud.

Adults who want advice on managing their finances can turn to Younited and its personalized support program.

A financial coach is at your disposal

If young citizens are now being trained in budget management, generations of workers could not benefit from this insight. Leading in instant loans in Europe, Younited offers all households the opportunity to discover the right reflexes to save up to €500 per year. Younited Coach is a free online service that primarily offers diagnosis. Of course, the analysis of your accounts will not be used if you later want to apply for a loan.

In a few minutes you will find out if your banking, energy or telephone costs are higher than those of other French people. This gives you options to renegotiate some contracts. This online trainer can also suggest good deals from its partners. If you are interested, the app is responsible for providing ideas to improve your budget. More than 51,000 customers have already followed this program. The average savings is €245 per year.

A solution that is easy to implement for everyone

Thanks to open banking, you can share all your data with Younited. Your various accounts are collected in one place: thus you get an overall vision that makes it easier for you to manage. Cash inflows, expenses, savings, nothing escapes you, you plan the budget with peace of mind. Certified by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR), Younited guarantees the security of your data. Access to your personal space is protected by a strong authentication system, DSP2 technology. Thanks to the ever-evolving ergonomic interface, you have an intuitive control tool adapted to your use.

Actions such as the Financial Empowerment Week introduce young citizens to the basics of financial management. The information provided by a program like Educfi will help them implement the right reflexes in their adult lives. Bank account holders can count on Younited Coach for a personalized one-on-one lesson in achieving financial emancipation.