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Gemini: This handy feature lets you customize the AI’s responses

Gemini has a new tool. If you’re not happy with the AI-generated answer, you can now quickly change it without having to rewrite your prompt. Shorter, simpler, more professional… Here are the different options available.

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Recently, Google Bard was renamed Gemini. The web giant is working on refining its chatbot so that it can withstand ChatGPT and Copilot. After the introduction of the Gemini 1.5 and 1.5 Pro models, which are intended to be more efficient, the conversation agent has just been expanded with an interesting new feature. This gives you the ability to fine-tune the generative AI responses with just a few clicks.

When you submit a prompt to Gemini, it’s common that the answer doesn’t match your expectations. You then have the option to rewrite your search to refine the display. Or simply turn one of the newly added adjustment knobs. By doing this, you can ask Gemini to give you a shorter, longer, more professional, simpler, or more familiar answer.

This practical function is already available. And it is not limited to the English version of the conversation agent. Indeed, we could see that it was indeed deployed on the French version of the chatbot (web version and mobile application). Therefore, here is the procedure to follow to quickly adjust the answers formulated by Gemini:

  • Open Gemini AI in your browser.
  • Enter your prompt.
  • Once the response has been generated, click the Edit button.
  • Select the refinement of your choice.
  • New text is generated with the desired tone.
google gemini AI edit your answers
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Please note that the option is also available on the chatbot’s mobile application. To activate it:

  • Open the Gemini app.
  • Write your prompt.
  • Tap the three little dots.
  • Press Edit answer.
  • Select the desired tone.
  • Please note that in the application the “informal” option replaces the “trusted” option.
google gemini AI edit your answers
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We take advantage of this little tutorial to remind you that it is also possible to access different response variants when you make a request. To do this, simply click Show suggestions. Gemini then offers you three different suggestions. And it will even be possible to generate others by pressing the refresh button.

Google Gemini AI suggestions
  • Gemini has been expanded with a new option.
  • You can now quickly edit the AI-generated response.
  • Here are the different options available: shorter, longer, more professional, simpler or more familiar.

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