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Google could replace thousands of employees with AI to save money

According to a report, Google plans to use AI to manage its ad campaigns, to the detriment of its merchants. The company, which has 30,000 employees in its advertising sales division, is reportedly considering a major reorganization.

Google is reportedly planning to lay off employees in favor of artificial intelligence. © DR

Google, the technology giant, is known as a leader in artificial intelligence, which it uses to improve its products and services (Google Bard, Gemini, etc.), but also to sell them to other companies.

But according to a report from The informationthe Mountain View company could do it too Using AI to replace some of its own workersparticularly in the advertising sales department, which employs 30,000 people.

Google uses AI to optimize its ads… and fire its employees?

The report, which cites anonymous sources, claims that Google told its salespeople it would reorganize their department, sparking fears of layoffs. Google is indeed said to be planning to use more AI, machine learning (ML) and automation optimize your advertising activitieswhich represents the majority of his income.

Worse still, Google has even already implemented an AI tool called GenAI, making it easier and more efficient for advertisers and customers to create and manage ad campaigns. Another tool called Maximum performanceallows advertisers to serve ads across all Google platforms without requiring merchant support.

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Google AI
Google AI

According to the report, these tools have already reduced the need for specialized salespeople in certain areas of advertising. Last year, 13,500 of 30,000 salespeople would have worked on projects simplified or replaced by Performance Max. The report did not specify how many sellers would be threatened by AI, but did suggest that Google could do without some of its staff unless the number of customers increases.

This report naturally raises ethical and social questions about the impact of AI on employment and about the responsibility of companies that use AI, at a time when even IBM is considering separating itself from some of its employees. Google has not yet officially responded to this report. Recall that the company behind ChatGPT, OpenAI, had itself drawn up a classification of professions threatened by ChatGPT.

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