Joseph-Saverne secondary school in L'Isle-Jourdain has bilingual signage

As part of the March meeting of the “Catalan and Occitan Parliament” proposed in the region, the Joseph-Saverne secondary school in L’Isle-Jourdain has inaugurated its complete bilingual signage.

“Catalan and Occitan Parlem” is a new event in March, proposed by the region with the aim of discovering, sharing and promoting the languages ​​of the Occitania region. The Joseph-Saverne secondary school in L’Isle-Jourdain hosted, as part of this project, the region, the department, the municipality and its Occitan speakers. During the visit to the establishment and after a visit to Nicolas Rey’s Occitan class, the inauguration of the integral bilingual signage highlighting the language policy plan took place.

“Parlem una cultura viva” is the result of extensive consultation with all stakeholders. To do this, the region has identified 30 flagship measures, including the declaration of a “regional event for the Occitan and Catalan languages, which encourages practice and initiatives in favor of languages ​​in the area”.

Every year, initiations, lectures, conferences and other initiatives, especially with the Maisons de Ma Région, offer the opportunity to hear, learn and share Catalan and Occitan. A fun way to teach and encourage transfer.

“Occitan is chic!”

During this visit, a video produced by the region was shown. It ends with a little girl’s testimony: “Occitan is chic!”. Its director, Eric Bénard, emphasized: “Languages ​​open the mind. It is a cultural asset that allows you to preserve your roots. It is an opportunity for young people that arouses curiosity.”

Claire Fita, vice president of the region responsible for culture, heritage and regional languages, returned to this important issue: “It is an important issue for the region and a value of openness to the world.” Benjamin Assié, Regional Advisor, Delegate for Occitan and Catalan Language Policy, belatedly explained his personal journey in learning Occitan: “Languages ​​are a common good that must be offered to everyone. Signage must be transversal for everyone, everywhere.” David Taupiac returned to the Molac Act, which concerned the heritage protection of regional languages ​​and their promotion. In Occitania, 55,000 young people are learning Occitan and Catalan. “Parlem una cultura viva – Let’s talk about a living culture” was adopted by the Occitania region in December 2022.

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