Know how to swim before sixth grade: The Monclar pool gets wet

The swimming lesson sessions start at the swimming pool of Monclar-de-Quercy (Tarn-et-Garonne), for schools in the area.

These are the main objectives of the new organization for learning to swim and mastering in an aquatic environment that will soon open in the swimming pool of Monclar-de-Quercy (Tarn-et-Garonne).The fight against drowning and the development of aquatic comfort are state priorities in the field of prevention. A series of regulatory and educational actions have been defined so that as many students as possible learn to swim safely. The teaching of swimming skills and swimming takes place with a view to building skills in physical education and sports programs throughout education.

Learning cycles

Ensuring that all children learn to swim safely is an important lever to prevent everyday accidents among young people under the age of 15.
Learning to swim is carried out in cycles, which can be adapted depending on access to sports facilities.
Cycle 1. The student is invited to develop new balances (inverting, rolling, floating, etc.) He will take advantage of this situation to pay attention to his safety and that of others. This period is particularly favorable for the pursuit of water comfort.
Cycle 2. During this new program, the student can complete a route by adapting his movements to an unusual environment. The space is clear and secure, compliance with the safety rules is paramount, while gaining trust translates into floating, orientating and moving.
Cycle 3. Progress has now been made, now it is time to validate the certificate of safe swimming (ASNS), in accordance with the decree of February 28, 2022.
Cycle 4 and beyond. The student must take as many support and remedial measures as possible.
Classes and schools that will soon participate in these sessions will learn to swim and its various applications. Middle section classes at CM 2, i.e. cycles 1, 2 and 3 (cycle 4 is high school). Each class goes to the pool once a week, from April 22 to June 30, or approximately nine times under the supervision of pool manager Michaël Paris. Collaboration: town hall of Monclar-de-Quercy, DSDEN of Tarn-et-Garonne.

The schools involved

For Monclar-de-Quercy, Rose des vents and Saint-Joseph; Verlhac-Tescou, Varennes, Génébrières, La Salvetat-Belmontet, Léojac and Puycelsi.
At the end of CM 2, all students successfully pass the ASNS (knowing how to swim safely) test.
Many thanks to the teachers from their school who facilitate the sessions and to the approved parents who accompany them.

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