Labastide-Saint-Pierre. In their own way, students' parents remain in childhood

Small pleasures are cultivated between generations and every effort is made to make childhood an absolute priority.

They have just presented an important event that will remain in the minds of the children of Labastide-Saint-Pierre. This year again, the Parents’ Association is doubling down on its important initiatives to breathe new life into the two schools, which will soon become one. With more than forty members and almost thirty well-known supporters, the association can still look forward to good times: ‘We have ideas for original projects in our drawers, which match our desire to emphasize coexistence and cultural distinction. , which we consider a plus,” says President Maryline Lacam. After the great success of the carnival, the parents of the students continued with the joys of the egg hunt: “All wishes are welcome, for example to accompany an outing, and to give even just two hours of his time, it is already precious” , explains those responsible. In the association we find parents with children who attend both schools, often shared like the brothers and sisters we accompany to kindergarten or primary school in the morning: “It is often in kindergarten that parents become members of the association, and then they stay for their child’s entire school period,” the president analyzes.


When we have to deal with all parameters, the Parents’ Association maintains the art and the way to build lasting loyalty in a united and efficient team: “We attach great importance to diversity, so that everyone can feel at home, with a diversity that promotes well-being of children in our city.” Logically, the agenda highlights some more notable dates, with the celebration of kindergarten on June 25 and then that of primary school on June 28: “Every school has its celebration, it is a change this year, involving another organization in which we will offer a raffle.” Always in rhythm, Apei continues to offer chocolates and then books to each child, such as the annual show in Négrette popular with schoolchildren. The stories about the world that last March were proposed, symbolize openness to others and the team does not put pressure on itself. Halloween, spring cleaning, some ideas seem to appeal to the parents of students who are watching with interest the construction of the new school group: “We are very happy with this project , there is a great need for it, and everyone can enjoy it. ”

Under these circumstances, being a parent means doing your best for all the little Bastidians.

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