Martigues: the construction site of the Marcel Pagnol College is progressing

The relocation of the Marcel Pagnol College, in the immediate vicinity of the Jean Lurçat High School, is an operation that is part of the Charlemagne Plan, a €2.5 billion strategic plan launched over ten years by the Council of the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône.

Starting at the end of October 2023, a total of 9,000 cubic meters of concrete and 370 tons of steel will be used on the construction site of the new Marcel Pagnol College. Located on a plot of 18,000 square meters with a height difference of 24 meters, the institution will be able to accommodate 600 students in buildings with a total area of ​​14,000 square meters, with: SEGPA (adapted general and vocational education). ) of 64 students, a gymnasium, a changing room, a sports area, a multipurpose room, a common kitchen, four accommodations for employees and a home for janitors. The total budget of the operation: almost 37 million euros.

“We are moving and completely renovating the new high school so that the high school students will be as good as possible.” Explained by Béatrice Bonfillon Chiavassa, councilor of the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, delegate to c.faculty, during a visit to the construction site. “Indeed, there is also a planned SEGPA section, because it is extremely important, and this is really close to the heart of President Martina Vassal, to integrate the SEGPA sections into our faculties as well as possible. That everyone can live together and that all students have the right to the same treatment and equal opportunities.”

For Gaby Charroux, the mayor of Martigues, it was high time that this new college saw the light of day. “Everything you need will be there: a modern college, which meets today's standards, with today's logistical means. And, also, quality sports facilities. A gymnasium, an additional training room and also a plateau of evolution. Honestly, in a natural place that will not be seen much anymore to move, and therefore we are really very satisfied, very happy because this Marcel Pagnol college is old, I think, and it is planned for 20 or 25 years.”

In the video: interviews with Béatrice Bonfillon Chiavassa, councilor of the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, representative at the faculties; and Gaby Charroux, Mayor of Martigues.

(Interviews, images and processing: Rémy Reponty for Maritima Médias.)

In September 2025, the first students of the Marcel Pagnol College in Martigues will be able to return to school in a completely new institution.

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