“My life is a daily struggle”: Singer Lio says she was raped by her stepfather as a child

“My life is a daily struggle”: Singer Lio says she was raped by her stepfather as a child

Singer Lio had already claimed to have been raped by someone close to her in 2021. But this time she decided to mention her attacker’s name.

“It took me many years to connect the word ‘rape’ with what happened to me.” Singer Lio had already spoken out about the rape she suffered as a child. But in an interview with the Belgian magazine Max, she claims to have been raped for the first time by her stepfather, Alberto Nogueira, also the father of singer and actress Helena Noguerra. “I was raped a few more times after that because I didn’t speak up the first time,” she said.

In 2021, in an interview with Tele-leisureLio had already revealed that she had been raped as a child without naming the person. “I was raped by a relative when I was ten years old, in the back of my parents’ car. Digitally. Quietly, while my parents were driving, next to my sister Helena Noguerra,” she had specifically stated.

“It Never Stops”

“My life is a daily struggle. There are mornings to get up and make coffee, it’s the end of the world,” confides the singer about the psychological aftereffects of these rapes. She adds: “All this never ends. Only on this very small part do I agree with Christine Angot: ‘We’ll make it through.’ And I’m the sister of all the people who manage with that weight and almost nothing in the pot.”

Lio also spoke of how this “incestuous stepfather”‘s actions had “distanced her from (her) sister.” She thanks the ‘new generation of feminists’ thanks to whom she claims she has learned to ‘love each other’.

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