Networking of resources for the education of therapeutic patients

The regional health project brings together all the priorities that ARS implements with its partners to improve the health status of Normans, promote their daily access to health and fight against social and territorial health inequalities.

For the implementation of PRS priorities in terms of prevention and health promotion and access to health for vulnerable groups, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) mobilizes loans from the Regional Intervention Fund (FIR). In this context, different stakeholders can request funding for preventive actions or programs that correspond to these priorities in the territories.

Faced with the increase in the number of chronic patients and the aging population of Normandy, the Regional Health Project ARS Normandy 2023-2028. (PRS) plans to develop the offer of therapeutic patient education (ETP) and improve its availability:

  • Goal 7.1: Enable patients with chronic disease to live better with their disease by strengthening access to therapeutic patient education (TPE) programs and supportive care
  • Objective 7.2: Strengthen the place of experiential knowledge through care pathways, enable expert patients (sick and/or handicapped) to intervene in the training of experts (especially in therapeutic patient education (ETP)


Therapeutic patient education (TPE) is an ongoing process aimed at helping patients acquire or maintain the skills they need to best manage life with a chronic illness. It is an integral part of patient care and aims for the patient to acquire and maintain self-care skills and skills based on the patient’s past experience. Therapeutic patient education (TPE) is therefore useful for:

  • Improve the patient’s quality of life;
  • Improve the quality and safety of care;
  • Prevent new complications of the disease (and thus the need for new hospital care).

160 programs are implemented in Normandy thanks to the involvement of Norman stakeholders. However, therapeutic patient education (TPE) remains insufficiently known and mobilized, either by chronic patients or those who support them and are in a position to advise and even practice it.

Through this call for projects, ARS Normandie wants to encourage the commitment of supporters in order to promote the networking of FTE resources in line with the goal of accessibility of chronic patients and actors who provide them with existing resources in therapeutic patient education.


The call for projects “Networking Resources for Therapeutic Patient Education” is open to non-profit organizations working in the field of therapeutic patient education and based in Normandy.
Organizations with a conflict of interest are excluded, especially those with interests related to the pharmaceutical industry, the tobacco industry, operators in the alcohol supply chain, and the agri-food industry.

Duration of the project

The presented project will preferably be implemented over a period of three years.

Selection criteria

The presented project must cover the entire regional territory of Normandy, taking into account without exception the seven territories of the health democracy.
This coverage, the conditions of which are defined by the carrier, must be sufficient to enable, in each territory, the welcome and response to the demands of chronic patients (and those around them), as well as local stakeholders.
For each of the territories of health democracy, a presentation of the method of reception and response to the public and ETP stakeholders is expected.
The project must propose actions aimed at achieving the two above-mentioned goals and allow the identification of the project manager as a resource for third parties.
It is not necessary for the project manager to carry out all the actions himself.
The quality of the proposed project will be studied with regard to the candidate’s ability to mobilize and promote the action of various Norman actors who offer resources in the field of therapeutic patient education, enabling the achievement of the goals set in the PRS 2023-2028.
In this sense, the candidate must attach to his project a letter of commitment signed by each partner of the partner he will use. This letter of commitment will describe in detail each action that the partner actor will implement and the specific conditions of the partnership.


The candidate must create a specific budget for the submitted project.

Term and conditions of deposit

The competition for projects “Networking of resources for therapeutic education of patients” is open from April 22 to May 6, 2024.

Projects must be sent by email to:

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