Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Parisian students are being evicted from their accommodation this summer and are demanding solutions

Nearly a hundred days before the start of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, students are demonstrating in the capital against the requisition of Crous housing. The cause: a lack of information from the Crous about the rehousing of Parisian tenants during the summer period.

Parisian student unions have called for a demonstration on Saturday, April 6, at 2 p.m. More than 3,000 accommodations in Crous properties will be requisitioned during the Paris Olympics, which start on Friday, July 26.

Who are the affected students?

A total of 3,263 accommodations will be made available to Olympic Games staff, including 1,031 accommodations in the Crous de Créteil, 1,253 accommodations in the Crous de Paris and 979 accommodations in the Crous de Versailles. About 30% of the public housing managed by the CROUS is unoccupied during the summer period each year.

What are the conditions?

Their lease ends on June 30, instead of August 31 in previous years, students will be asked to vacate their accommodation. In return, they will be paid an amount of 100 euros from April and offered two places for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Students in the properties affected by the claim had to complete a questionnaire to find out whether or not they would stay in the capital. 2300 responses were received.

After the survey, 61% of the students involved requested new accommodation in another residence, pending the start of the school year.

Who will occupy the accommodation?

The requested accommodation will be used by the event staff in the summer of 2024. So it is security forces, caretakers, first aiders and security guards who will occupy the spaces during the events.

Why are the students demonstrating?

De Crous promised individual support for everyone, and also took care of the move (to another Crous accommodation and within Île-de-France).

A promise that has not been kept for the student unions who denounce a situation of “vagueness” for students who need to be accommodated. The first moves must take place from April 11. The Révolution Permanente collective points out a “terrifying” situation in the middle of “a period of internship search, exams and work reports.” “Two days after my final exams, I am expelled from school. Before then, I don’t have time to prepare my move,” Honoré worries at the France Inter microphone.

Of those surveyed, 62% of respondents would prefer to return to their old accommodation, compared to 39% who would prefer to stay in their new accommodation allocated in summer 2024.

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