Preview of the film “Louise Violet” at the Grand Palais in Cahors

Preview of the film “Louise Violet” at the Grand Palais in Cahors

This Sunday, late afternoon, the Cahors cinema will give a preview of “Louise Violet”.

Rotary is organizing a preview of the film ‘Louise Violet’ at the Grand Palais in Cahors on March 17, 2024 at 5 p.m.

This film was selected for its relevance in putting education at the center of attention to obtain a level of wisdom and reconciliation essential for all. Indeed, when the public school was launched, things did not go smoothly, but we soon realized that the results were compelling.

Louise Violet is the story of a teacher in the late 19th century, who will lead a patient and dedicated struggle to demonstrate the importance of school to children and parents, even though it has just become mandatory.

100,000 spectators are expected in France

Every year, at the invitation of the Rotarians, around 100,000 spectators gather in more than 450 cinemas in France for a moment of conviviality and to attend together the screening of a major film for fundamental research on the brain.

Following an exceptional tender launched every season by the FRC (Federation for Brain Research), a partner of “Espoir en tête”, the FRC Scientific Council examines the research project files received by the FRC and ranks them in order of scientific preference. French Rotarians are represented in the selection of files. ‘Hope in the Mind’ finances these projects up to the amounts raised, which are therefore completely donated to fundamental research into the brain.

This is the 18th Hope in Mind action organized by the Rotarians of France. Over the past seventeen years, the previous actions have ensured that €15,400,000 could be paid for 89 major equipment projects to improve research.

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