Real estate: sales of energy-intensive homes will also increase sharply in 2022 in the Southwest

Real estate: sales of energy-intensive homes will also increase sharply in 2022 in the Southwest

Article 160 of the Climate and Resilience Act of August 2021 plans to successively increase the energy sustainability criteria for rentals until 2034. Ultimately, all homes with a label greater than D (i.e. E, F and G) will be affected by the rental ban. i.e. about 45% of private rental stock according to the National Energy Renovation Observatory. And this appears to be pushing owners of older homes to sell rather than renovate them.

23% of turnover in the Dordogne

This trend started in 2022, the Supreme Council of Notaries notes: “The year is notable for a strong increase in the share of sales of the most energy-intensive homes (F, G), at the expense of those in the middle class ( D). ). »

While the most economical homes (classes A, B and C) still represent a quarter of home sales in France, homes in classes F and G reach 11% and 7% of transactions respectively. A share that has increased significantly in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants (including Bordeaux), and has at least doubled in several French departments.

In the South West, several areas recorded a low share of sales of very energy-intensive homes in 2021 (less than 5%), but this has more than doubled until the second quarter of 2023, especially in the Landes and Pyrenees. . In the Gironde it has almost quadrupled.

In the second quarter of 2023, old homes with classification F and G will even represent 23% of turnover in the Dordogne, the fourth department where this share is the highest. This percentage reaches 11% in the Landes and Pyrénées-Atlantiques, and still 8% in the Gironde (9% in Bordeaux).

Supreme Council of Notaries

Accommodation up to -20% cheaper

The F and G homes sold in 2022 mainly concern homes (more than 65%). More than 80% of them were built before 1980 and 40% even date from before 1947.

Supreme Council of Notaries

Between 2021 and 2022, the average sales price of old homes increased by 5%, both in the apartment market and in the housing market. In New Aquitaine, the average price of energy-intensive homes has also increased: +10% for apartments and +3% for houses. In 2022, significant differences are observed between the largest cities. For example, the average sales price of class F and G apartments in Marseille increased by 27% in one year, but fell by 16% in Bordeaux.

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