Tours: Wanted TV promotes media education

Besides the show, Wanted TV has become a real medium. In his premises in the Fontaines district, which he does not want to leave anytime soon, Pepiang Toufdy, Prod'cité's artistic director and director, sees his audiovisual project – carried out mainly by young people from the Tours district – gaining momentum. size over the years.

“We went from one to two 52-minute shows on TV Tours,” he rejoices. We've doubled the number of shows, but that also means we've doubled the content we produce. »

“Real public useful work”

Wanted TV also relied on the help of Sébastien Brangé, an independent journalist and director. “He brings a good dynamic,” says Pepiang Toufdy. It is important that these young people have the support of a professional and that they see that journalism can be accessible to everyone. »

With Wanted TV, he hopes to “complete the media landscape of Touraine. We are an associative, urban, cultural and young media. And above all, we want to touch all areas. Because if we focus on a certain topic, we close ourselves off to many other things.”

But the director will kick into high gear at the end of May 2024, opening premises on rue Bernard-Palissy, in partnership with the association Jeunesse et habitat. Called The Citizen Image Factory, this project “should become a center for media and information education, with a platform that would allow us to organize debates and reports on social and civic issues.”

These new premises should make it possible to “amplify Wanted TV”, Pepiang Toufdy is looking forward to. But above all, this place, in the center of the city, must “allow residents to get out of their neighborhoods and create exchanges without barriers.” Because in total there are between thirty and forty people who regularly go around the media.

New location at the end of May 2024

“This, for example, has become a kind of validation for young artists,” he emphasizes. But all in all, this medium is also the medium of young people who do it. It is a collective project and some people who went through Wanted TV have now received a press card and are journalists themselves. »

Sébastien Brangé, who is finishing preparations for the next show on TV Tours, emphasizes the “very good quality” of the young people's work. In addition to his supporting role, he also participates in “demystifying the image of journalists.” I explain to them that we are normal people, like everyone else.”

Especially since “media education has become very important, especially at this time, when we need to raise awareness about fake news. The association performs real public benefit work.”

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