When schoolchildren get their pedestrian permit

When schoolchildren get their pedestrian permit

The Pedestrian Permit, a national system, aims to help CE2 students acquire the good reflexes of a child pedestrian. The students of the JB Ver school group in Lafrançaise (Tarn-et-Garonne) received it and obtained it.

At the beginning of March, the Prévention Maif association launched the pedestrian survey campaign among schools in the department. The JB Ver school group in Lafrançaise (Tarn-et-Garonne) was hit.

This training, primarily intended for CE 2 students, is an integral part of the acquisition of the knowledge required by the certificate of initial education in road safety (Aper). The aim is to train CE 2 students to become autonomous and responsible in their pedestrian movements, to include pedestrian movements in the context of sustainable development.
In Tarn-et-Garonne, as everywhere else in France, it takes place under the responsibility of the Maif association, in collaboration with the management of the Departmental Services of National Education (DSDEN), the gendarmerie or the national police.

A “Pedestrian Code”

In this way, schools are identified from the start of the school year that are willing to follow this training. Those selected by the DSDEN will be contacted by Pprévention Maif and the teacher will receive a booklet with the ‘Pedestrian Code’ for each student, accompanied by a brochure, allowing the preparation for the short final exam to be carried out in a very realistic way. “Very concrete and fun quizzes are made available to teachers on the association’s website,” explains José Lorenzati, one of the co-leaders of Prévention Maif.
The exam that certifies this training takes place from March to June, with the highly appreciated assistance of a gendarme or a police officer, depending on the areas of responsibility. For example, on Tuesday, March 12, two volunteers from Prévention Maif, Marie-Claude and José, were in Mr. Pouget’s class, accompanied by Florian, a gendarme specialized in road safety from the Montauban-Bressols motorized platoon. After a few words of welcome, it is time for the knowledge check. Each student received his exam sheet; basically 12 simple questions. The gendarme read each question and gave three answers, knowing that only one is correct (like the driver’s license): answer A, B or C. While correcting the sheets, the volunteers showed a short video entitled “Léo and Margo” and guided the students to respond to the good or not-so-good behavior of the protagonists. All explanations were given and the rules of the “Road Code” were reminded, so that the students could act as intermediaries for their parents. Then came the correction of the questionnaire, an additional opportunity for the gendarme to kindly remind us of the rules in force and to answer all questions, which may encourage future vocations.

This year, 950 children have been affected

The session ended about an hour later with the solemn presentation of the small diploma of which each student was particularly proud, often the first diploma in the school curriculum. Everyone also received small gifts from Prévention Maif.
This school year, 25 schools of the department will be visited, or 46 classes for 950 students.
Safe travels to all these little graduate pedestrians, and most importantly, send the right message to your friends and family.
Many thanks to José, Marie-Claude and motorcyclist Florian for the excellent welcome to the little CE 2s in Mr. Pouget’s class

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