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Amazon: AI can generate an entire product page with a simple link

Amazon is rolling out a new generative artificial intelligence tool for third-party sellers on its platform. They can copy and paste the link of a product page from another site to get a similar page on Amazon, saving valuable time.

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The Amazon store is increasingly run by artificial intelligence (AI). With the Rufus AI she fulfills the role of salesperson, who guides the buyer to the right product, but especially to writing product descriptions. Sellers no longer have to write a special page themselves: Amazon offers to take care of this for them with its AI.

Artificial intelligence writes product descriptions on Amazon

The latest initiative in this area is the possibility to obtain a product page on Amazon via a simple link. The company, represented by Mary Beth Westmoreland, vice president of seller experience, describes the functionality on its blog.

Specifically, the link provided by the third-party seller must take the AI ​​back to a page on its site. The bot collects all relevant information about the product and then puts it back into shape in the Amazon store. This product page cloning service saves Amazon sellers valuable time.

Amazon warns third-party sellers that in order to clone a site’s product page, they must be the owner, rights holder, or licensed to use its content. The e-commerce giant wants to be uncompromising: if sellers do not meet these conditions, Amazon will take legal action against them.

Amazon sellers save time with AI

If sellers can’t copy all of a seller’s marketing terms, the functionality will still be useful. For example, even if a third-party iPhone seller does not have the right to copy Apple’s marketing lines, he can still immediately obtain all the technical features of a product, without having to laboriously copy them. He can then remove the formulas that violate copyright.

The feature is currently rolling out and will be available to US sellers in the coming weeks. It is still unknown whether the functionality will arrive in France and more broadly on the European market, especially due to the just-adopted European legislation on AI. In addition, differences may exist between stores in each EU country: in France the return period remains 30 days, unlike Germany.

This isn’t the first generative AI tool Amazon has offered to sellers. More than 100,000 people have already directly asked the AI ​​to generate a description of their product, without going through a link. According to Mary Beth Westmoreland, this tool is very effective: almost 80% of AI-generated pages are barely retouched.

  • Amazon is offering a new generative AI tool to sellers on its platform.
  • This allows you to clone a site’s product page to Amazon, without having to laboriously copy the attributes.
  • You must be the owner of the site to copy its content to Amazon.

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