Daumazan-sur-Arize: parents of students are concerned about the future management of the care of children and young people

By voting on the specifications for the next three years on February 28, the community advisors decided to redefine the care of children and young people and look for a representative who will take on the risks of exploitation in “normal management” in order to redefine the care of children and young people. entrust her with the management of child-youth care. The latter will certainly come into effect from September next year, because there must be a certain budgetary discipline. Faced with this decision, the parents' representatives point out a series of measures “that contradict the political choice aimed at children and adolescents, which has been shown for years in the territory of Arize-Lèze”.

To protest this choice, a meeting was organized on March 26 in front of the town hall of Daumzan-sur-Arize, while a delegation of parents' representatives was received by Carole Maurette, mayor of the town and vice-president. the Commision. For the occasion, the elected official was surrounded by numerous mayors and city council members. For the representatives of parents of students from Mas-d'Azil, Sabarat and Bordes-sur-Arize, there was no “discussing figures or budget with elected officials”. “The feeling of parents is the abandonment of childhood and youth through the community of communes.”

The main point of contention concerns the change in the supervision rate in recreation centers associated with schools (ALAE), “both in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening”. “It goes from one adult for ten children, to one adult for fourteen children in kindergarten, and one adult for fourteen children, to one adult for eighteen children in primary school.”
The representatives of student parents also denounce the abolition of a large part of outings and stays, the increase in prices for ALAE and ALSH, the closure of the youth centers of Mas-d'Azil and Lézat-sur-Lèze, as well as the cessation of activities at the Bordes-sur-Arize cultural center.

After recalling the reasons that led to these decisions, the elected officials recalled that “the supervisory rate established is the rate applicable to the implementation of a territorial educational project, which is the case for the community of municipalities Arize-Lèze , and concerns only the ALAE.”
Regarding the closure of reception centers, they explained that “the presence of these places today cannot be considered as an expectation of young people”. As for the cultural center of Bordes-sur-Arize, the activities are no longer covered by the public service delegation, “the speakers will have the town hall of Bordes-sur-Arize as contact person”. “If parents' questions can be heard, the skills of the community of churches are not limited to childhood and youth. And yet there are no savings, it is about maintaining the budget.”

The elected officials also underscored “that commitment to childhood and youth is not limited to the delegation of public service.” “The operating costs of a school are the responsibility of the municipalities. Participation in meal costs, municipal and inter-municipal subsidies to associations are also intended for children and young people. Whether we like it or not, we have to talk about the budget,” recalls Carole Maurette.

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