Draw the hard or truth card from SpeedWheel, a board game made by students from Foix, who will explain everything to you

Draw the hard or truth card from SpeedWheel, a board game made by students from Foix, who will explain everything to you

First-year BTS students of Operational Commercial Management (MCO) at the Purple Campus in Foix came up with a board game for 20 to 30 year olds. They tell you all about the origins of SpeedWheel, which is played with a wheel and cards.

There was the Wheel of Fortune and there is the SpeedWheel. The game that has just been created by nineteen first-year BTS students of Operational Commercial Management (MCO) on the Purple Campus in Foix. A project that is part of their “entrepreneurship” option, and carried out with the association Entreprendre pour savoir in Foix.

In key positions of the project we find Quentin Quodard, general manager, and Léo Solano, deputy general manager of the mini-company needed to build the project. An immersion in the world of management, which these two young men – who are already very serious – strive for.

Network to sell abroad

They talk about the origins of the game: “At the beginning of the student year we all presented our project ideas, like making masks, but it wasn’t great. And then we thought about making a board game, it was interesting and innovative.” As pure future entrepreneurs, the students launched a market study to verify the feasibility of the project, because the goal is to sell SpeedWheel. “We aim for an initial series of 50 units by the end of the first quarter of 2024.”

And this throughout France, even abroad. The student network has already been activated, contacts have been made with Réunion and England.

Accompanied by two makers from Ariège

To complete the game successfully, they are accompanied by their teacher Jérôme Dutilh, the banker Quentin Michelon and two other speakers. They also asked for the help of two other playmakers from Ariège, Bérengère Boudier and Simon Despierre. “We wanted to get advice on how to make the game and refine the rules. We wanted it to be easy to make and play,” the managers explain.

“The printer we visited was also an important player. Thanks to him we were able to tailor the cards, think about the packaging and create the prototype,” they say about Marc Bildé, manager of the Graphoffset printing house in Argein.

But what exactly about SpeedWheel? As the name suggests, “we have a board with a wheel and seven different colors on it. Each color is linked to a theme. We decided that the youngest participant starts the game,” explains Léo Solano. Depending on the theme you encounter, you will have to consult a map where you can choose from three difficulty levels.

Truth or difficult theme

The themes include ‘culture’, which everyone understands. But also “duel”, “there are two players facing each other on a question”. And ‘truth’, the possibility of revealing yourself a little. Without a ‘hard’ count, ‘we are more in a naughty register. But we are not obliged to play with this theme,” the professor acknowledges.

It is better to choose your friends before starting a game. “In fact, our target is 20 to 30 years old. Our game comes from our discussions with our friends, which we usually talk about. And then we wanted to make them raise their heads. They always have their eyes on the “We want that they reconnect with others. We also created a lot of animations, especially with the challenges, staying within the codes, without crossing the boundaries,” says Quentin Quodard.

Don’t imagine a traditional game box, SpeedWheel is in the image of its users. It is stored in a small bag, which is worn over the shoulder. “We can take him to the party in a minute.”

The entertainment costs €25 and should be available in toy shops in Foix and other towns in Ariège. For now, the game is available for pre-order, on the Purple Campus or on the game’s Instagram account. Please note that 20% of profits will be donated to the Association for Young Disabled Adults (Apajh) in Foix.

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