Education: Toulouse academy has just hired 31 contract teachers, 100 needed to fill gaps in French and math

The Toulouse academy has just recruited 31 contract teachers for the start of the 2024 school year. About a hundred are needed to fill the gaps in French and mathematics in middle and high schools in eight departments.

They were received on Tuesday, April 2, by the rector of the academy Mostafa Fourar in Toulouse during a small welcome ceremony in the main house of National Education. There are 31 contract teachers, recruited during three sessions on March 6, 13 and 20, in two subjects missing from secondary school: French and mathematics. The reason for this is that the number of candidates for the various external secondary competitive examinations (Capes) has fallen by more than 40% this year, the teaching unions assure.

Fourteen days of training

A total of one hundred contract teachers should cover the needs of the eight departments of the Toulouse academy by the beginning of the 2024 school year. Newcomers will receive fourteen days of training between now and September. Currently, of the 31 teachers, 18 will be assigned to positions in “Letters”, 13 will be in “Maths”.

The academic level of the candidates

They do not have Capes, 12 have a bachelor’s degree, 2 have a master’s degree, 13 a master’s degree, one graduated as an MPSI engineer and three have a doctorate, according to the rectorate of Toulouse. About twenty already have teaching experience.

“The proposed contracts run until August 31, 2025 and each teacher is linked to an institution, college or secondary school, which aims to be as close to home as possible,” the academy specifies. And the new teachers will quickly get to work: guided by the inspection bodies and the Academic School of Continuing Education (EAFC), they will receive “didactic and pedagogical disciplinary training; an appropriation of educational expectations linked to new group learning methods; rapid integration within the institutions,” the rector explains.

New teachers are “immersed in the establishment”

On Thursday April 4, they followed the M@gistère training “pedagogical planning and evaluations” to build and implement lesson series and sessions. On Friday, April 5, they will be “immersed in the establishment” and will continue with two days of training in May-June; three in early July and three others in late August.

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