Tarbes: Aircraft manufacturer Daher and high school Jean Dupuy enter into a new partnership

The more than a century-old aviation company and the future establishment have formalized their historic partnership. The high school students were able to visit this local industrial flagship.

It is a connection that has been entrenched for generations, has stood the test of time and still promises a bright future. An important partnership essential for the professional integration of young people and for the needs of the company, now sealed and signed between the Bigourdan aircraft manufacturer Daher and the Jean Dupuy secondary school. To ensure the solemnity of the moment, it was the branch’s director, Serge Rière, who took over from his HR teams to carry out this merger without any detours. “Maybe like some of you, I find school exciting at your age. On the other hand, I had a passion. At seventeen I wanted to become an aircraft mechanic, to work in aviation. Today I don’t have a BAC and I’m the boss of a company with almost 1800 people. The world is your oyster. Go beyond your dreams! If we fly today, it’s because people believed in their dreams and had the courage to fly in wooden and canvas planes where I That wouldn’t put my ass down.”

Signing of the partnership between the high school Jean-Dupuy (here the director Cyrille Courade) and Daher (and the director Serge Riere).
Signing of the partnership between the high school Jean-Dupuy (here the director Cyrille Courade) and Daher (and the director Serge Riere).

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And he confided: “At Daher you are in the only aviation factory where all professions coexist. It’s impossible not to find your passion. You can become a mechanic and end up as a boss. There will always be room here for young people who want to It.” Words that reassure the students of this class, half of whom will do an internship at Daher. A company that welcomes almost a hundred interns from Jean Dupuy secondary school every year. “We realized us that 60% of the Daher staff graduated from our secondary school,” says Cyrille Courade, director of Jean Dupuy, an institution that is celebrating its centenary. Our secondary school is certified for industrial professions. We are affiliated with Daher On In the long term, we formalize mutual commitments to strengthen our training, strengthen our ties, but also to better appreciate how we can develop our training offer in accordance with the needs and technology of this site.”

Human resources, an ongoing problem at Daher, where, after several recruitment operations, including two job dating events, several vacancies are still open.

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