Labastide-Saint-Pierre: meeting with a fulfilled school director

Labastide-Saint-Pierre: meeting with a fulfilled school director

The director of the Labastide-Saint-Pierre college (Tarn-et-Garonne), more than 600 students and about forty teachers, is delighted with a project that involves sharing and innovative initiatives.

In his large office, where files pile up all year round, ideas related to education are treated with moderation and proportion. The Labastide-Saint-Pierre college (Tarn-et-Garonne) is an illustration of social progress, a vector of knowledge and encounters, for all students.

Since the beginning of the school year, the new director, Emmanuelle Mucha, has discovered a world where projects are rich and numerous. “We are focused on several actions that reveal the dynamics of our establishment, which also require constant mobilization,” the director explains. To date, the college has 610 students under the supervision of 44 teachers and then the entire technical and administrative team. In everyday life, everything is done to promote healthy minds and healthy bodies. “Every day, events strengthen our desire to create connections and emancipation,” emphasizes Emmanuelle Mucha. There are the anchored systems, such as the classroom and the Theater Club, and then the Sports Union, which is very active. “This year we offered two language trips: one to Valencia, Spain, and the other to Florence, Italy. » Events that have occurred recently. Given the importance of language learning, this approach makes sense. “There are students who may never get the opportunity to travel; so for them and for everyone these actions are rewarding, there is a symbol. »

Citizens of tomorrow

The college is a flagship in the fight against bullying at school. “About twenty teachers are part of the shared concern method, which promotes non-violent communication. » With due discernment in the face of student conflicts, separating feeling and reality, no question is neglected, ensuring methodical monitoring with vigilance to prevent and avoid conflict situations. “I think it is important to generate empathy to implement proposals and solutions for repairs. » To ensure that everyone has a chance, the school life project is carried out in kindness and is concrete.

Sophrology before exams

First aid for fourth grade classes, sophrology for exams, sports activities with disabilities, choir workshop or game library, the offer is wide. “These are not impressionistic actions, everything has a connection, and what is fundamental is having a real collective vision. » Moreover, the council is expanding. “We will soon have a mediation room, a multipurpose room and then a large foyer. » As with the CDI where moments of relaxation are repeated, acceptance of others is essential. “We want to create a bubble of safety and fun so that students can achieve their goals. » Some secondary school students also participate in cultural evenings, especially in theater halls.

Ultimately, this empathy for living and working together in the depths of the corridors where generations succeed each other builds positive memories today. Because at the end of the day, a busy student is a student who doesn’t do anything stupid.

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