Mega trucks: the European Union said yes, can France say no?

Mega trucks: the European Union said yes, can France say no?

The European Union agreed on Tuesday to facilitate the generalization of 60-ton ‘mega trucks’ on European roads. Does this mean we can expect these 80-foot-long monsters to arrive on our highways? Not quite…

The European Parliament’s decision came under strict scrutiny. Expected by some, feared by others, the generalization of mega trucks was validated by MEPs on Tuesday, March 12, but this does not mean that they are now allowed in all countries of the European Union. To be implemented, this decision must be approved by the European Council, which will not announce its position before June. The text will then be resubmitted to European elected officials for negotiations with a view to finalizing the text. The authorization will ultimately be subject to the approval of each Member State.

In the meantime, the countries opposed to the bill plan to reverse the situation. In France, where this type of truck is banned, the government has reiterated its refusal “to liberalize the international traffic of 44-ton trucks and ‘mega trucks’,” he said through his Transport Minister, Patrice Vergriete.

After the vote in the European Parliament, France reiterated its refusal to liberalize the international traffic of 44-ton trucks and “mega trucks”. Nowadays the priority is the modal shift, especially towards rail.

— Patrice Vergriete (@P_Vergriete) March 12, 2024

Environmental MEPs also plan to use this delay to talk about the environmental risks of these giant trucks. Karima Delli therefore called on France to “make it clear that it does not want this” and to include it in its national legislation.

Tomorrow I will vote AGAINST mega trucks on European roads\ud83d\uded1

We won’t be able to decarbonize roads with 60 tonne monsters!

Find our forum with @david_valie And @CBeaune

— Karima Delli (@KarimaDelli) March 11, 2024

You should know that mega trucks are currently banned in France, but allowed in Spain and the Netherlands, countries bordering France through which many heavy trucks travel. It has now been determined that mega trucks can cross a border, provided that the two countries involved have signed an agreement. A change in the law could relax the rules and this would expose France to the passage of Spanish and Dutch mega trucks.

In addition to the ecological aspect, the arrival of these mega trucks raises questions about safety and road infrastructure. “In the Scandinavian countries (where they are allowed today) there are long straight lines and much fewer roundabouts than in France. The braking distance of these trucks is longer and these mega trucks would also wear out much faster on the roads, not necessarily adapted to this type machine”, details franceinfo.

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