Retouched photo of Kate Middleton: a misstep that could cost the monarchy dearly

Retouched photo of Kate Middleton: a misstep that could cost the monarchy dearly

The Princess of Wales finds herself at the heart of an unprecedented controversy for someone who remains one of the royal family’s favorite British personalities.

Since the controversy surrounding the photo retouched by the Princess of Wales, Britons have been divided between annoyance, support for Catherine Middleton and distrust of the monarchy. “Kate? I don’t care!” hissed John Stuart, a sixty-year-old who went to buy his newspaper in a north London neighborhood. “Let’s leave her alone!” Mary Williams gets angry, her big blue eyes widening. “It’s a mother who has retouched a photo of her children, what could that do? When she is on the cover of Vogue it is clear that her image has been retouched and no one says anything there. I am a monarchist and I defend the Royal Family. And while we’re at it, let’s leave Meghan alone!”

Grace Aisling is concerned about the media attention surrounding this story. “During this time we miss out on real information,” emphasizes this thirty-year-old who works in construction. “Maybe in four months a new law will be passed, but it will be too late to react. is certainly more to be said about other personalities, such as Prince Andrew!”

Although this Londoner doesn’t follow the royal family in detail, she still loves the monarchy and believes the institution still has its place in today’s United Kingdom. “Kate should just publish the original photo so we can move on,” she believes, a view shared by royalty experts across the Channel.

“If they alienate the public…”

“For the Prince and Princess of Wales it is a real debacle because since their marriage in 2011 they have managed to create a real emotional bond with the public through social networks,” analyzes Ed Owens, a historian of the monarchy and author of the book “After Elizabeth: Can the Monarchy Survive Itself?” “It was a powerful fan base because they find the ideal family projected by Kate enchanting. This falsified image calls into question the authenticity of his publications.”

However, audiences are not fooled by the artificiality of Kate Middleton’s perfect images. But the strategic problem has been withholding information since his hospitalization in January. “If the royal couple had been more transparent about the health of the princess, this photo might not have been necessary, the expert continues. In any case, it might not have been looked at in the same way. And to this A second error is added: that of spreading disinformation and misleading the public.”

In any case, this affair exposes public relations problems within Kensington Palace, the office residence of the heir to the throne’s family. By posting photos she took herself, Kate wanted to maintain control over her family’s image and the private moments she wanted to share. But the princess was caught. The mistake is one of the rare missteps by Kate, the third most popular royal figure after William and his aunt, Princess Ann. “William and Kate represent the future of the monarchy,” concludes Ed Owens. “If they alienate the public, it would be a bad sign for the royal family in the long run.”

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