Montauban. “Defense class” soon at Bourdelle High School

the important thing
The tripartite agreement formalizing the creation of a “defense class” at Antoine-Bourdelle High School was signed this Friday, April 5th.

The tripartite agreement was signed on Friday, April 5, at Antoine-Bourdelle High School. Agreement between the state, national education and the French army to open a “defense class” in the institution.

The prefect of Tarn-et-Garonne, Vincent Roberti, and the academic director of the National Education Service of Tarn-et-Garonne (DASEN), Cyril le Normand, were present at the signing of the agreement. As representatives of the military, two senior officers visited the facility: Lt. Col. Christophe Masse, Deputy Departmental Military Envoy, and Lt. Col. Steeve Caruchet, Commanding Officer of 3 RMAT.

For Marie-Thérèse de Oña, the director of the general secondary school, this “defense class” is only to strengthen the ties that already exist with the Montauban military base. “Many fashion students aim to do sewing, but for some it's a way to get a job in the army repairing parachutes – low,” says the director. And in about ten years, five students from Bourdelles High School would find civilian employment at the base at the end of their internships.

Priority for internships

“Raz obrena” is actually a system for student volunteers. These are additional courses that “supplement moral and civic education to inculcate republican values,” according to Cyril le Normand. Members of the military will also intervene in a smaller part of these courses. At the Antoine-Bourdelle high school, the institution will be visited by soldiers from the detachment of the 3rd technological regiment, since a tripartite agreement was signed with this detachment. These soldiers come to provide information about different careers in the military and share their experiences. This has already been done in the institution. New: “defense class” trainees will have an advantage for getting practice at a military base.

In the first row, there are students of the vocational high school diploma in sewing and the BTS Design and Production of Automatic Systems (CRSA). Two employment sectors that are of particular interest to the detachment of the 3rd Technology Regiment. The first to repair parachutes and parachute bags. Others to improve the quality of life and work of civilians responsible for assembling parachutes. The latter develop musculoskeletal disorders due to their work. Some automation should help reduce cases.

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