Signing of the agreement for the establishment of supplementary social protection

At the end of a year of detailed consultations, the Ministry of National Education and Youth, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games reached a large majority of agreements with representative trade union organizations for the implementation of complementary social protection in health and social care for their agents.

This agreement was signed this Monday, April 8, by Nicole Belloubet, Minister of National Education and Youth, Sylvie Retailleau, Minister of Higher Education and Research, and representatives of trade union organizations, in the presence of Stanislas Guerini, Minister of Transformation and Public Services.

In addition to the progress foreseen in the Interdepartmental Agreement of January 26, 2022, which refers to supplementary social protection in terms of covering expenses caused by maternity, illness or accident in the state civil service, and the Interdepartmental Agreement of October 20, 2023, which refers to the improvement of social welfare guarantees ( inability to work, disability, death) in the state public service, the agreement proposes a joint regime for the staff of public services and institutions under the supervision of three ministries.

In particular, it enables the following advances for all staff of the three ministries:

  • Guarantees related to health care and providence (incapacity, disability and death). MENJ, MESR and MSJOP are the first ministries that concluded such an agreement on these two aspects. Membership will be mandatory in health care for staff (except in cases of exemption) and optional in social care, as well as for beneficiaries and pensioners;
  • Two optional health guarantees, which open to a large number of members the possibility of improved protection compared to the inter-ministerial base of guarantees;
  • Additional pension guarantees;
  • Strengthen solidarity mechanisms for retirees with the application of increased progressivity of their contributions;
  • Solidarity mechanisms for families, with a reduction in contributions for children, both for basic guarantees and options;
  • Social support fund for the financing of support services, taking into account the health condition and capabilities of the user;
  • Health preventive actions.

The ministries will participate in the financing of the new health system of supplementary social protection in such a way that active users will be covered by 50% of the contribution to the interdepartmental guarantee base and 50% of the contribution to the election guarantee, in the amount of up to €5. It will also contribute with €7 to finance the contribution of active users for the interdepartmental basis of guarantees of the supplementary social welfare election plan.

This majority agreement will be included in the public invitations to tender that will enable the designation of a complementary social protection organization for each of the programs (health and social care), effective between January 1, 2025 and January 1, 2026.

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