Primary school looted in Doubs: what sanctions for suspects aged 10 to 13?  |  TF1 INFO

Primary school looted in Doubs: what sanctions for suspects aged 10 to 13? | TF1 INFO

Classrooms and a refectory destroyed, computer equipment destroyed…
The town of Grand-Charmont, in Doubs, is in shock after the discovery of the looting of its primary school.
What risk do the suspects, aged between 10 and 13, face?

The equipment has fallen over, broken. School supplies thrown on the floor. And in front of our camera parents of students in shock. “I’m disgusted, I don’t understandsays one mother as she discovers the state of an upside-down classroom. Frankly, it’s sad and incomprehensible. Plus, it’s a first grade class, all the teacher’s stuff, the kids’ stuff, everything on the floor, everything thrown away…” “It’s school!continues another. It’s for our children, they are here to learn. We are not allowed to touch the school. Touching is prohibited at school“.

The damage is significant, totaling more than 30,000 euros. Broken, a digital board that was now unusable, cost 5,000 euros alone. A little further down in the canteen it is the same observation. “I don’t even dare to touch anything, it disgusts me“, says Christine, who has been serving students here every lunchtime for over ten years between the broken plates.

The criminals took advantage of a poorly closed door last Saturday to enter this primary school in the priority education network in Grand-Charmont, in Doubs. The sound they make alerts a local resident. She warns the mayor, Jean-Paul Munnier. He arrives on the scene and surprises the intruders. “I was sitting there in the corner and they came out through the doorhe shows in the report that can be found at the top of this article. Five or six young people, I would say between ten and thirteen years old, very young. This is what really appeals to me“.

The school does not have surveillance cameras, making it difficult to identify suspects. No clues yet. If they are under 13 years old, their parents must pay the bills for the damage. Educational measures will be imposed on the children. “Educational services will be needed to supervise these youth. We are going to force these minors to do something that has an educational dimension, namely to repair the damage that has been caused.“, explains Paul-Edouard Lallois, public prosecutor of Montbéliard, who opened an investigation and asks the perpetrators to report to the gendarmerie. As for the 200 students of the establishment, they still do not know if they can return to their benches on Monday, before the start of the school year.

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