Puylaurens. Young people and social networks in the Festiv'Autan program

The MJC of Puylaurens, with the support of the community of Sor and Agout municipalities, will organize the Festiv’Autan 2024 on April 12 on the theme of young people and social networks.

To promote live entertainment, the MJC of Puylaurens has responded to a call for projects, launched by the community of Sor and Agout municipalities, to organize the next Festiv’Autan. The structure was selected and will host a theater performance proposed by the Quatrième Acte Company on April 12.

“Promoting live performances and introducing them to our young people is important to us. That is why, as part of this festival, we will organize workshops for young people so that they can practice the performing arts,” explains Cécile Pagès, director, of the MJC van Puylaurens. During the February holidays, a first introduction to theater was offered to young people in the MJC recreation center. This will be followed by an internship on April 10 and 11. At the end of this internship, the young people present their work and open themselves for the Compagnie Quatrième Acte show.

“On April 12, a body expression and theater event will be aimed at children from leisure centers from 6 to 7 years old,” adds Cécile Pagès. A year ago, the Maatschappij Quatrième Acte was in residence in the association house. “We attended their departure from their residence with a performance at the grain market. We really liked the show ‘Interactions’, which deals with the theme of the relationship of young people with social networks. We therefore decided to offer it as part of the Festiv ‘Autant’, continues Cécile Pagès.

The staging raises the question of the relationship between young people and social networks, and between young people. It is aimed at a broad audience, including parents and young people over 12 years old. “For the MJC it is important to return to the theater. Many young people come to visit the structure. Thanks to this show we can raise their awareness through a different, more cultural medium,” concludes Cécile Pagès. The project is supported by the Adda du Tarn, the regional council, the town hall of Puylaurens and the community of Sor and Agout municipalities. The show will take place on Friday, April 12 at 8:30 PM in the village hall. Free entrance. A food truck and refreshment bar will be open from 7:30 PM.

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