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Sora: OpenAI unveils stunning new videos generated by its AI

With Sora it is possible to generate a realistic video with a simple prompt. This new AI model, which will soon be available to the general public, looks promising. Proof of this is the new series of videos unveiled by OpenAI.

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Last month, OpenAI suffered another major blow. The company behind ChatGPT presented its new artificial intelligence model called Sora. Its specialness? It can generate stunningly realistic videos using a simple written prompt. This text to video conversion tool is still under development. But it is already capable of producing very high-quality sequences.

Sora: OpenAI reveals the power of its text-video conversion tool

After unveiling an initial series of videos that impressed internet users, OpenAI continues to shower us with new series. To check them out, simply visit the company’s official Instagram account. Several videos of Sora have been published since early March. For each view, OpenAI reveals the prompt that made it possible to obtain such a result:

  • An elephant made of leaves running through the jungle
  • Cute pirate kitten riding around the house with a robot vacuum cleaner
  • Niagara Falls with colorful paint instead of water
  • POV video of a bee diving into a beautiful field of flowers
  • An alien creature that naturally blends into New York City, paranoia thriller style

You can scroll through this thread to watch the videos mentioned above or go directly to the OpenAI Instagram page:

In each publication, OpenAI specifies that the video was created exclusively by the generator Sora “without change”. However, the tool is currently not accessible to the general public. But it won’t last long. According to Mira Murati, technical director of OpenAI, Sora could be available to ordinary people within a few months.

And the manager announced that audio features will be on the program, as well as an on-the-fly editing tool. However, the video generator will not be free. OpenAI promises to offer it at affordable prices comparable to DALL-E, the image generator. If you want to know more about how this new model works, do not hesitate to consult our complete dossier on Sora.

  • Sora is a promising text-to-video conversion tool.
  • OpenAI has just unveiled new sequences generated by its tool.
  • Stunningly realistic videos.

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