The closure of the Rougnac school was voted by the community council despite strong protests

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The first item on the agenda for the delegates of the Lavalette-Tude-Dronne community, the future of this educational institution appeared like hell thanks to the school map determined by the National Education in February. No one suspected in this corner of the Charente, on the northern edge of Lavalette-Tude-Dronne, that the school was in jeopardy due to lack of attendance. But not yet. Not so soon. Since the structure fell under the influence of two policies.

Two policies

The first is that of a number that, in decline, allows the principal of the academy to eliminate the position of the teacher (which is equivalent to pronouncing the class). The school thus switched from two classes to one class for the next school year. Here comes the second, coming from the intercommunity that has educational jurisdiction and which was explained at length on Thursday as a preamble to the vote by President Jean-Yves Ambaud and Vice President Chantal Goreau.

“To recall history, it started first, this decision to close single-grade classes was made in March 2023, faced with a decline in numbers and with the idea of ​​giving maximum opportunities to children. It was made after a forum in which many citizens participated and a survey that confirmed the desire to rationalize the school card. » The decision was made at a time when Rougnac was not in question, but Chadurie, Magnac, Saint-Amant… “And we cannot use double standards.” »

The mayor's emotion

“It is always delicate as a mayor to announce the closure of a school, especially when you have no control over the decision,” continued Cyrille Guédon, the first judge of Rougnac. When we discussed this decision, I did not see what kind of gift we are giving to National Education, because when it withdraws one place, we offer it two. It could be your school tomorrow, he told the elected officials present. If you vote to close this, I will not stay until the end of the council. »

In the verbal clash, many expressed themselves, parents, distraught mayors like that of Gardes-le-Pontaroux, Jean-Claude Leymerie, under the threat of this last year's decision: “I am reliving the same thing we experienced a year ago, we know how to do the well-being of our children, we lose everything in our village life, we do nothing to save it. »

Words that were not enough, out of 61 voters, 36 were in favor, 21 against. The 19 students in question from Rougnac will be sent to Villebois-Lavalette and Gardes-le-Pontaroux. As for the future of the rest of the educational group that spans the two communities, La Rochefoucauld Porte du Périgord will not undertake any school project that justifies the delay, assures Jean-Yves Ambaud, the circumstances that support this decision. painfully.

Summer is coming

Other items on the agenda were the upcoming summer season. So it was voted to open the Poltrot site in May, mostly on some long weekends, from 2 p.m. Recruitment is underway to revive the tree climbing from this period, which normally won't be open until July. Entrance fees to swimming pools have also been determined, which will not increase after the increase of €0.50 last year.

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