The teachers' strike and classes at schools, middle and high schools in Haute-Garonne were canceled on Tuesday

The unions FSU, CGT, Sud and FO oppose the reform of level groups and demand more resources for education. Next Tuesday, April 2, the strike will affect schools, colleges and secondary schools where classes are sometimes canceled.

New strike and new demonstration this Tuesday, April 2, by teachers at schools, colleges and secondary schools in Haute-Garonne at the call of an inter-union FSU (SNUipp and SNS), CGT, Sud and FO. Two weeks ago, on March 19, teachers had already mobilized as part of a national call from the entire public service in favor of a pay increase.

Next Tuesday, the reform of the “clash of knowledge” and the creation of level groups in French and mathematics in the 6th and 5th at the beginning of the school year are the origins of this strike.

In certain departments, such as Haute-Garonne, primary school teachers are participating in this mobilization linked to “the problem of the lack of resources”, emphasizes Marie-Cécile Perillat, departmental co-secretary of the FSU. We therefore have to take into account cancellations of courses from primary school to secondary school.

Demonstration at the Capitol

The relaxation of the measurement of level groups, which would no longer be systematic, promised by Nicole Belloubet, the Minister of National Education, at the beginning of March, does not convince the unions. “This relaxation is indirect, says Marie-Cécile Perillat, because the social sorting aspect remains. » In its brochure, the inter-union warns: “We will not sort our students.” A sorting that, according to her, “reinforces inequality”.

Another disadvantage according to the unions: “breaking up the classes from the 6th grade onwards. The classes will have a perimeter with variable geometry, while the “class group” is a benchmark for the students, adds Marie-Cécile Perillat, who wonders: with the government’s backtracking, “we no longer really see the purpose of the reform’.

Salary increases and “resources for education” therefore remain a strong demand. Especially in Haute-Garonne, where the FSU is asking for an “emergency plan for 3,000 additional positions in the first and second degrees”. “Primary school teachers suffer from repeated non-replacement. »

A demonstration is planned in Toulouse next Tuesday at 1 p.m., departing from Place du Capitole. The procession will pass through Wilson and the boulevards to reach Place Saint-Sernin, opposite the Labor Exchange.

In the morning, during general meetings, teachers will discuss a possible continuation of the mobilization with the prospect of a new strike on Monday, April 22, the start of the school year.

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