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This robot can talk to you while doing household chores, it’s impressive

Figure AI just revealed the progression of Figure 01, powered by a language and vision model trained by OpenAI. The humanoid robot is now able to talk to people, reason and perform household tasks with a robots are now an integral part of our technological societies. Advances in artificial intelligence allow them to acquire increasingly sophisticated skills. While Tesla’s humanoid robot can now fold laundry, the start-up Figure AI has just unveiled the new power of its Machine Figure 01. A demonstration video that has already been viewed more than 736,000 times and has left Internet users speechless.

“Figure and OpenAI have joined forces to push the boundaries of robot learning”, welcomes founder Brett Adcock. With this new alliance, the Figure 01 robot can now talk to a human while performing household chores. All with impressive fluidity and responsiveness. The cameras allow it to process information by routing it to a language and vision model trained by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT

The robot in Figure 01 can have a clear conversation and perform tasks on request

In the demonstration video, Figure 01 begins by describing what he sees in front of him, including a red apple, a dish rack, plates, and a human with his hand on the table. The man then asks him for something to eat, while the robot rushes to hand him the fruit. The tester then throws the trash on the table and orders the robot to pick it up and explain why he gave him an apple.

Figure 01 is shown justifying itself and stating that this was the only edible item available on the table. The man then asks the robot where the saucers in front of him should land next. “The dishes on the table, such as that plate and cup, will probably go into the dish rack afterwards.”, the machine analyzes. She eventually carefully stores the latter after receiving the order.

Certainly, storing tableware is not a very complex task. But it’s a promising start that proves the robot can already identify what’s in front of it and respond accordingly. According to the founder, the robot was not controlled remotely during the video. And this one was shot at real speed.

Figure indicates that the goal is to create a robot “fully electromechanical humanoid” able to perform many tasks in place of people. This type of machine should become increasingly popular, with Amazon even planning to replace some of its workforce with tireless robots.

  • Figure AI just published a demonstration of its humanoid robot.
  • He can talk to a human while doing household chores.
  • The fluidity and responsiveness are impressive, to say the least.

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