Threenagers: This Very Early Teenage Crisis Toddlers Can Go Through |  TF1 INFO

Threenagers: This Very Early Teenage Crisis Toddlers Can Go Through | TF1 INFO

Threenagers: What is this adolescent crisis at age three?
Threenagers, a taste of the teenage crisis?
This stage is less known than the terrible two at age two and usually occurs when the child blows out three candles.
For parents of threenagers, this is a taste of the real teen crisis.
Threenagers’ emotions, which are exacerbated by screen overuse, can be managed with a few tips.

A portmanteau between “three” and “teenager”, the English term “threenager” denotes a three-year-old child who acts like a teenager. Because toddlers talk much better at this age than during the terrible twos crisis, the situation causes even more problems for young parents. But rest assured, this bad time usually ends around the age of six. In the meantime, it is important to adopt the correct posture.

How do you recognize a three-nager?

As Australian speaker and author Pinky McKay explains in her parenting books, children become more confident around the age of three. Now that they are comfortable with words, they can argue or even negotiate with their parents. They have a habit of discussing every word adults say and questioning the rules of the house.

Threenagers are constantly seeking autonomy and want to complete all tasks without anyone’s help, regardless of the difficulty.

Toddlers show their tastes and preferences without nuance, even in broad daylight. They love passionately, madly or not at all!

The negative impact of screens on three-year-old children

According to parenting specialist doctor Justin Coulson, this early adolescent crisis is amplified by the use of screens. It negatively affects the development of young people and weakens the ability to control emotions. Because they cannot regulate their mood, children get angry much more easily.

Reducing the time you spend in front of the television or tablet remains necessary, but is not sufficient. To appease a threenager, parents must take other actions.

The right attitude to adopt when dealing with a threenager

It is essential not to give in to all the whims of threenagers, says Claire Leconte, child psychologist. Stay the course and stay consistent so the child doesn’t feel lost in a changing environment.

However, you can let go at certain points. We make no concessions in terms of safety or health, on the other hand we can give our descendants a little freedom. For example, the three-year-old child can choose his outfit from a few options. By giving toddlers responsibilities that suit them, such as setting the table, conflicts can be defused. The child feels valued and no longer hindered in his desire for independence.

You also need to ensure that your threenager’s primary needs are met. In addition to a healthy and varied diet and good sleep quality, your child should spend enough time outside to let off steam.

And as Pinky McKay reminds us, self-control remains essential in a child testing the limits of his parents. In other words, it’s better not to overreact and keep in mind that you are the adult!


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