Who are the "Dinks", these young couples who do not want children and completely accept it |  TF1 INFO

Who are the “Dinks”, these young couples who do not want children and completely accept it | TF1 INFO

The refusal to have children is far from revolutionary, but has always existed among couples.
In the age of social networks, this choice is claimed as a hunger for freedom and a way to save money.
By lifting a taboo, the “Dinks” pay the price of certain Internet users who describe them as selfish.

In 2023, 678,000 babies will be born in France. As INSEE explains, France is experiencing a decline in the birth rate, as it is about 7% less than in 2022. François de Singly, sociologist and professor emeritus at Paris-Cité University and author of Sociology of Contemporary Families, refuses to blame couples who don’t want offspring. “We do not know whether this is because the number of couples without children has increased‘ he warns. The fact remains that ‘Dinks’ are not unanimous on the internet.

Where does the term Dink come from?

The term “Dink” is misunderstood as a neologism and is actually the abbreviation for “Double Income No Kids” (“double salary, without children” in French). It refers to these young, happy couples who have no offspring and no intention of having children. These adults who do not want to give birth assure on social networks that their lives are very pleasant. The lack of waking up during the night, the ability to sleep in, the freedom to travel as you please… so many benefits are denied to parents of young children.

The economic argument continues to be favored by the Dinks. According to CBS News, raising a child to adulthood costs approximately $217,000. These couples therefore save themselves considerable costs. However, it turns out that money is not the only thing the Dinks are concerned about. In addition to financial considerations, some of them fear for the future of the world, especially because of global warming.

A new way of life to save money

This phenomenon is considered an emerging trend and is nothing new. The term first appeared in the 1980s and denoted a new way of life focused on freedom and financial comfort. In 1987, the Los Angeles Time stated that dual-income couples without children were doing better financially. Due to the cost of living, middle-class Americans viewed this lifestyle as an alternative to the traditional family lodge.

Couples without children, criticized on social networks

The hashtag #dink has been viewed 340 million times on TikTok, reports the French weekly Courrier international. Suffice it to say that the topic is of interest to the general public. The Dinks are well aware that they arouse curiosity and speak openly about their choice on social networks. And that is not to everyone’s taste.

Dinks is accused of living a frivolous or selfish life and is often criticized for missing out on life’s greatest pleasures in the name of money. Their most famous opponent is Elon Musk. The American billionaire, father of eleven children, accused the Dinks on December 5, 2023 on his social network X of “showing terrible morals”.


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