Unique outfit at school: the list of institutions that will conduct the experiment

Unique outfit at school: the list of institutions that will conduct the experiment

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– This year, an experiment with the unique uniform will be launched in about a hundred schools.

“Over there unique outfit (…) will be tested this year in about a hundred institutions, all on a voluntary basis, Emmanuel Macron announced during his press conference that was broadcast live on television on Tuesday, January 16. If the results of this experiment are “decisive”“The school uniform will be generalized from 2026,” the president of the republic continued to journalists. If he recognizes that the unique outfit that Gabriel Attal, then Minister of National Education, had already announced last December “large-scale experiments”yields a lot “debates”the head of state believes that the school uniform ‘Removing inequality between families’ And “creates the conditions for respect” at school.

At X, Emmanuel Macron revealed a preview of the schools that will experiment with the unique outfit. On the map published in his tweet, the institutions are mostly primary schools and seem to be located for the most part in Île-de-France, in the southeast, in the east and in the center of the territory.

The participation of 60 branches was confirmed

According to Franceinfo, which contacted the Elysée press service, the participation of about sixty institutions (39 schools, 11 middle schools and 10 high schools) out of the 100 announced by the Head of State has been confirmed. The map distributed by the President of the Republic is therefore only an estimate of the location of volunteer organizations.

In detail, nine schools in Île-de-France should participate in the experiment in the towns of Puteaux, Aubervilliers, Neuilly-sur-Marne and Coubron. Other municipalities in the northern part of France have volunteered, such as Evreux, Beauvais, Troyes, Reims, Ham, le Touquet, Tourcoing and Ambleteuse. In the West, candidates are rarer. Some schools will participate in the test in the cities of Plouisy, Saint Calais, Nantes, Talmont Saint Hilaire. The South-West does not bring together more candidates: those from the primary school of Labastide-Montréjeau, a school from Balma and one from Vayrac have volunteered.

Conversely, in the south-east, eight institutions of the Aix-Marseille academy have submitted their applications. Schools in Nice and Cannes are also participating in the experiment. In the east of France, branches in Strasbourg, Metz, Florange, Bar-le-Duc and Belfort are among the candidates for the unique outfit. Certain overseas branches, namely three colleges in Réunion, a university in Guyana, two secondary schools and two high schools in Mayotte, are also involved.

All these locations are testing the unique uniform this year. Each student receives a package containing five polo shirts, two sweaters and two pairs of pants. With a total value of 200 euros, the amount of this lot is fully financed by the state and local authorities. Each branch can personalize the students’ outfits. The experiment will bemethodically evaluated” before it is generalized from the start of the 2026 school year.

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