Verdun-en-Lauragais.  School: three weeks of intensive activities

Verdun-en-Lauragais. School: three weeks of intensive activities

At the end of February and at the beginning of the month, the children of the municipal school “Roots and Wings” were in great demand to focus on symbolic commemorative dates in parallel with their studies. With Marine, the teacher, and all the staff, including the brand new canteen, they celebrated in their own way, initially Carnival, and then International Women’s Rights Day. On Friday, February 23, the children celebrated carnival. In advance they made their disguises, showing for the little ones an image of the animals of the world, and for the older ones the most famous carnivals, Rio, Venice, Dunkirk and many others. Each carnival was depicted on A3 paper and a mask with a characteristic face (Amandine participated).

In the sense of freedom and dignity

The joy of Carnival had hardly disappeared when it was necessary to prepare for another symbolic date, that of international women’s rights. A beautiful moral lesson that the children were able to internalize to move towards freedom and dignity. All children, from the youngest to the oldest, worked on this topic. Preschools were inspired by Frida Kahlo, while primary schools worked in groups of two to three to represent an inspiring woman from different continents. A first job consisted of reproducing the portraits of inspiring women, including Mother Thérèsa, Simone Veil, Simone de Beauvoir, Michèle Obama, Angela Merkel… Finally the time had come, on Friday March 8, when the children tackled the difficult task had to receive the parents and the academy inspector, Mr Fons. In addition to the exhibition of drawings they had made, they had to speak at Fria Kahlo’s kindergarten, and at the primaries of Marie Curie for Europe, Rosa Parks for America, Malala Yousafzai for Asia, Jacinda Arden for Oceania and finally Ellen Johnson for Africa . To add color to this wonderful moment, the children made purple (an imperious shade that embodies the feminist movement), blue and pink bracelets, which were distributed to all the parents present, the staff and even the correspondent of La Dépêche. The children amazed everyone present with their seriousness and their attachment to this day. Congratulations to the actors, but also to the management, including Marine at the helm, not to mention the meal served by Julie in the color purple.

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